Exciting positive results are announced for the Italian HSA Cosmetics, which has done well in navigating its way through the tribulations of 2020. The company is expected to close 2020 with revenues up by 6%, settling at €40Million by the end of the year and with digitisation and export growth cited as the key to this success.

The performance of the Cosmetic company from Varese (Italy) is not limited to the jump in turnover, but has also achieved an expansion of its distribution channels, as well as enhanced digitisation. A growth in sales stands alongside a very solid financial situation and improved margins: EBITDA – Earnings Before Interests Taxes Depreciation and Amortisation – will be around 18%.

One of the main reasons for HSA’s success in 2020 is its propensity to sell abroad. Foreign markets represent as much as 93% off the company turnover, while the remaining 7% comes from the Italian market. The historical focus of HSA is professional haircare and this sector still represents 90% of its sales, while 10% comes from skincare, which also grew well during the latter months of 2020.

The changes in strategy and the investments we put in place more than two years ago are starting to show some positive effects,” says Stefano Zanzi, president and CEO of HSA Cosmetics in an interview for kosmetica.comWe have had a significant increase in our distribution channels, especially the private label division.”

HSA has put great effort and investment into developing various e-commerce projects and well as researching and developing new products with new formulas for colouring, perms, semi-perms and even some incredibly successful colour conditioners.

Despite this difficult period, the company has also increased its investment in corporate digitalization. “A journey that began in 2018 has seen excellent results in 2020 thanks to the introduction of a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) for the management of the increasingly numerous requests deriving from a digital strategy,” says Paolo Delle Piane HSA Cosmetics ‘ Strategic Marketing Director (Interviewed by Kosmetica.com).“These are aimed at making the HSA brand more recognizable in the international market, both for professional and retail. We have received about 3,000 contacts in a year with significant penetration into markets such as Australia and the United States, which have maintained solid and strong economies despite the pandemic”.

Another important tool to boost sales has been the capacity of the company to introduce new product lines, despite the various lockdowns in different area, keeping clients, and the whole market interested in HSA. A good example is the Espressotime 10-minute, a complete colouring ritual presented inside the Nouvelle brand; or also the Moisturising and Sanitizing Face-body line of the Guudcure brand.