Last week we discovered that Cosmoprof Bologna has once again been postponed – this time until September 3-7. The way things are panning out it’s looking like most, if not all the major hair and beauty trade fairs that are usually scheduled in the Spring will be taking place later in the year – most likely in the Autumn. Major events like Top Hair Dusseldorf and BE New York are currently looking to the Autumn, in the hope that everything will be back to normal by then.

Whatever else may or may not be on the cards for the coming months, one thing is for certain – the Pandemic is a reality right now, despite the idiotically absurd denials and the conspiracy theories that are being spouted on social media. COVID-19 is and will affect all our daily routines, wherever we might be on the planet, and we’ll take time to recover from it.

Going back to the subject of our industry trade fairs, their organsiers’ primary concerns are understandably not to lose all the business that the events brings, while avoiding denying all those visitors and exhibitors the huge opportunities that these events provide to help grow and develop their commercial activities. Having said that, can you imagine what will happen next Autumn? We might end up with something like 3 or 4 Major Fairs in the same week – and it’s not just us: every other industry that normally hold its trade fairs in Spring will be trying to squeeze them into the Autumn schedule. Add to that the risk that things aren’t back to normal by then, and the confusion and uncertainly compounds itself even further.

So what can we do?

Here are some simple points worth considering:

  • We should keep working and try and be even more organised than before;
  • We must be patient, while any plans we do make should be both feasible and flexible: expect chance at a moment’s notice;
  • We must maintain all lines of communication open, while remaining proactive on digital and social media platforms, so we have a clear perspective on the developing situation;
  • We will overcome this epidemic, sooner or later, and our lives will resume to normal. Probably we’ll change some habits and at a certain level our way to relate to other people will evolve.
    We will go back to some activities like travelling and gathering with other people, that’s what humans do. But we will see the world in a different way, we will reconsider our way to approach business, communication and also ordinary daily life.

TRADE FAIRS: Rescheduling

In our industry we can see the struggle of all the exhibition events postponed, cancelled or modified.
Intercoiffure Mondial decided to postpone Intercoiffure Fashion Day event in Paris to September 6th 2020.
The World Spa & Wellness Convention in London has been postponed to 11-12 October 2020.

Cosmobeauty Seoul (CBS) 2020, ( scheduled April 23-25, 2020) at COEX in South Korea, has been officially cancelled. The event will not take place this year, but is scheduled for May 5 to May 7, 2021.

Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna: postponed to 3-7 September
Cosmobeauty Barcelona: postponed to 16-18 May
Coiffure Beauté Méditerranée: postponed to 11-12 October
Top Hair & Beauty Düsseldorf: postponed to 18-20 September
BE New York: cancelled, looking for new dates
HJ Live London: postponed to 11-12 October
LNE Congress Kracov: postponed to 20-21 June
Professional Beauty London: postponed to 11-12 October

TRADE FAIRS: Resisting

In Asia CIBE Guangzhou in March and May as well as CBE Shanghai have confirmed their Show dates until now; while in USA America’s Hair Show has faith to respect their schedule in April 18-20.

The calendar as it appears today, with all the rescheduling, would have 17 Beauty Fairs in September and 18 on October, 2020.