With the acquisition by Vitalfarco Hair Cosmetics, the professional hairdressing brand Roverhair and the consumer brand Midhara strengthen their position on the international market.

Despite the trend for creating larger brand groups is maintaining momentum in the Italian hair industry, something different happened with the recent announcement from Vitalfarco Hair Cosmetics, resulting in the Morando family gaining ownership of the historic Italian brand Roverhair, a leader in the field of professional products for hairdressers, and Midhara, the new consumer brand that consciously combines haircare and skincare to target a selective market. They are creating an alliance based on the respect of the acquired brands that remain managed by the original families.

This new reality was established thanks to the intuition of a group of people who are passionate about the sector,” a company spokesperson states. “We have decided to consolidate a vision capable of enhancing the history of the brand, rewriting its future to revive it under the butterfly brand as a symbol of the transformation and evolution of beauty,”

Together with the Morando family (Giorgio and Emanuele) and Luca Messinese (CEO of VITALFARCO), Manuela Prestia will bring forward the historic family tradition, contributing in her role as Commercial Director for the Roverhair brand not only to uphold the values of the founder – her father Vincenzo Prestia – but also to further develop the work he began in 1975.

The coordination of brand operations will be entrusted to Maurizio Surace, in the role of Brand Manager. He boasts many years of experience in product concept creation and communication for a broad portfolio of cosmetics in the professional haircare sector. “Authenticity that meets elegance is the foundation of the style that makes us stand out,” he says. “Our goal is to increase the notoriety of a brand with almost 50 years of history. The first sign of the new start is the restyling of the brand, which is strongly characterised by a modern and contemporary identity.

In addition to a new interpretation of its style, the brand’s development strategy goes from an ambitious, innovative and sustainable manufacturing plan to cutting-edge research and a development laboratory with extensive know-how in professional haircare (colouring, bleaching, oxygen, treatments, etc.).

Under the coordination of Maurizio Falzetta, Roverhair’s current general manager, the Turin team is ready to work on developing the brand, the product, communication and the distribution front. “The acquisition by Vitalfarco will ensure consolidated production and distribution in the territory, consistent with the brands premium positioning,” Falzetta explains.

On the subject of upcoming goals, Manuela Prestia says: “The year 2023 will see the brand activate levers aimed at working on expanding the global presence in the European and international markets of the Roverhair and Midhara brands, already present in over 30 countries and 4 continents with exports accounting for 70% of the turnover. A fundamental aspect will be active training, through the partnership with the V-Academy of Vitalfarco, based in Corsico (Milan), and the new Roverhair Academy in San Benigno Canavese (Turin). ”

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