Realizing that you are living through a period of great change opens up the opportunity to make yourself ready for the inevitable “new normal”.

Artègo is a name which has always been synonymous with standing shoulder-to-shoulder with salons by supporting them and encouraging their development by providing innovations in products and education. Here, the team at Artègo shares some of their reflections to help better understand the significance of the times we are living through.

We often wonder what the business world will look like in the coming weeks and months. It’s certain we won’t go back to what we used to call “normal” pre- pandemic, but we will be living in a “new normal” – one that is currently under construction and where we will have the chance to take advantage of all the new opportunities which have arisen from the changes in our lifestyles that have evolved over the past year and a half.
The economies of the world are looking for a new centre of gravity, as imbalances are appearing in the supply of raw materials and the cost components our industries use to fuel production. The cosmetics sector is experiencing this global phenomenon at its own expense, a situation which will irremediably lead to an increase in product prices for professionals and for the final consumer.
We all have to deal with these changes, especially those companies being called upon by the market to respond; there is a growing expectation of customers for social and environmental responsibility and the new opportunities offered by the so-called “digital revolution” fired up during the pandemic – will also play its part.
The digital revolution will be at the centre of a paradox: on the one hand there’s smart working and the virtual meetings that distance people from human contact, on the other the growing need, also very human, to have social contacts, a natural and instinctive desire, amplified by the long abstinence procured by the directives of international governments.
Focusing on our sector, and therefore on salons, we can say with certainty that these will continue to be a place to meet, exchange ideas and socialise, as well as a place where to offer an exclusive beauty service aimed at the well-being of customers. Today, we have this great opportunity to reaffirm the importance of salon service and the necessity to differentiate between the big consumer brands that saturated the supermarket shelves and e-commerce platforms and bespoke, professional products which are only available through salons. With the passing of time, savvy consumers will reward salons that will grow and transform itself into a reality capable of intercepting the demand for safety and excellence of the service.
Globally, we are witnessing an ever stronger need for governments to rediscover unity of purpose; the effort is enormous, for example in the European Union, where a common fiscal policy has been planned; also in the USA, where the challenge also includes internal dynamics of social reconstruction. The meaning can also be grasped by the operators in our sector – our distributors and salons: alone you don’t go far, but a greater interaction with Salons and sharing a common path will be fundamental for the growth of the whole professional sector.

Companies that profess to be professional, together with their distributors, will have to intensify their commitment to safeguarding salon businesses, also by contrasting the indiscriminate sales of professional products on the internet. These are the challenges that await us, challenges that will can see Artègo and the reason why our distributors are increasingly oriented towards the growth of the salon, importance of the hairdresser and the satisfaction of their clients. We believe in the salon’s role as a so-called “destination” – a place where the customer wants and decides to go, to feel well and to feel beautiful. In this way we can all make a difference together.