63 oil shades that can be mixed to attain new and original shades, 5 oxidizing milks and 2 ammonia boosters

After a careful market analysis started by Artègo in 2017, we decided to launch a real revolution in the field of color that give salons the opportunity to host not just a simple hair color line, but a truly innovative, multifunctional and multi-benefit coloring system.

We are talking about a system that includes a high percentage of organic ingredients, up to 99% exactly, strictly selected to  give the hair benefit and protection, meeting the increasing number of requests from end customers who prefer to use gentle and nourishing products, minimizing skin contact with aggressive and potentially harmful agents.
Furthermore, the Beauty Fusion coloring system is perfectly able to perform permanent, demi permanent or tone-on-tone colors, simply by dosing the quantities of the dedicated Booster; you can perform multiple services without having to resort to different specific lines each time; all this with great advantage of practicality, continuity of results and maximization of storage in the salon.

Advantages, therefore, for the final customer who can wear a professional and performing color without neglecting the beneficial effects of the active ingredients of the organic formulation. But there are also advantages for the salons, that will be able to develop their business by reducing the presence of the multiple lines in the warehouse, of over-stocking and also increasing the possibility of receiving a new slice of the market by hosting all the sensitive requests in green salons or those who want to color their hair without coming into contact with ingredients such as cocamide dea, mea, alcohol and paraphenylenediamine.

More revenue, more possibilities for hairdressers to grow in terms of profit thanks to the great versatility of the Beauty Fusion line.