Maintaining its scheduled dates, the organisers of Beauty Forum Valencia are ready to welcome visitors and exhibitors from January 29th – 30th 2022.

Beauty Forum Valencia is to be held in Feria Valencia in Avinguda de les Fires and will showcase Spanish and international corporate news and product innovation across all sectors of the industry, including beauty, spa, nails, hairdressing and barbering. It is fully committed to the future of our industry had increased its engagement with every new edition. Beauty Forum Valencia also aims to provide the opportunity for students and teachers alike to see first-hand all the latest developments being launched onto the market through live demonstrations product testing and participation in training programmes.

In addition, Beauty Forum Valencia offers the opportunity to participate in the Beauty Valencia Championships.

In the 11th Nail Championship, students with less than a year of training will be able to participate along with students who have already participated and won an award in an internationally recognised competition, as well as technicians who have not yet participated in any competition.

On Saturday, January 29th, hairdressers will also have the chance to participate in the 5th Edition of the Hairdressing Championship by Krous. The competition will consist of two tests: creating a glamour hairstyle and also producing cutting-edge looks.

The event will also offer digital support to all exhibitors, so they can spread their message through its newsletters and website – direct way to communicate with potential clients and invite them to their booth or shows.

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