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Consumer demand has driven growth in the beauty industry in Southeast Asia, with Cosmoprof CBE ASEAN facilitating business opportunities thanks to its services and match-making tools. The third edition of the exhibition takes place from June 13th – 15th 2024, at the Queen Sirikit National Convention Centre in Bangkok, Thailand.

The exciting news is that according to the latest research from Statista, the beauty & personal care market in Southeast Asia is projected to generate revenue of US$34.22bn in 2024, with an expected annual growth of 3.30% by 2028. Local consumers are spending more and more on their personal care and cosmetics daily routine. Referring to distribution channels, online sales are anticipated to contribute 20.4% of the total revenue in the beauty & personal care market by 2024, becoming a strategic factor for the growth of the sector.

Cosmoprof CBE ASEAN represents a unique opportunity to boost business in the region for brands and companies wishing to take advantage of the positive economic scenario. Year after year, the event has been recording impressive growing results, and it is becoming a reference event for stakeholders interested in the evolution of the beauty market in Southeast Asia.
The last edition hosted more than 1,000 exhibitors and brands, 57% of them coming from overseas countries thanks to the active support of international governments, with an increase up to 46% compared to 2022. 13,255 attendees participated in the event, coming from 69 countries and regions, with a growth of 78% compared to the previous edition. Furthermore, the exhibition featured five Country and Group Pavilions representing core beauty destinations such as Thailand, China, Italy, Japan, and South Korea.
This year, an even more remarkable turnout is expected, spanning over 22,000 square meters, featuring 1,500 brands, and welcoming 14,000 visitors.

Cosmoprof CBE ASEAN

Expectations for the 2024 edition are growing; 86% of the exhibition area has already been sold, with companies participating from Argentina, Australia, China, France, Hong Kong, Italy, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Portugal, Taiwan, Thailand and many others.
Among Thai premium brands participating next June, are Better Way Thailand (Mistine), Karmarts (LIP IT, CATH Doll, Brow it, Reunrom, Skylab, Sweet Café, Jejuvta), Do Day Dream (Snail white, Oxecure), TAT Corporation (Plantnery), With trading (With OMG), A&C Cosmetice (AR Airy), Want media (MIZUMI), CP Consumer (JABS), Mama Green Organic (EarthMama), Nasema (ALOEX, BE.U ,eNos, CA HERBAL), Soap & Sense, Tropicana, Quintus (Sanny), Seago electronic ( Seago).

Cosmoprof CBE ASEAN aims to foster seamless connections between the supply and demand sides. The Cosmoprof-signature Buyer Program serves as a crucial initiative to promote meaningful connections between exhibitors and esteemed buyers, both locally and internationally. In 2023, the program successfully hosted approximately 230 top buyers from Thailand and other international destinations, including ASEAN, Europe, the USA, and other parts of Asia. During the event, over 1,500 one-to-one meetings were facilitated, underscoring the program’s efficacy in catalyzing meaningful business interactions.
Building on this success, the upcoming edition of Cosmoprof CBE ASEAN aims to reach even greater heights: the target is to host over 300 buyers, a remarkable increase of 35% compared to the previous edition. These buyers will primarily come from Thailand, ASEAN countries, Europe and the Middle East.
Central to the efficiency of the Buyer Program is the Match&Meet platform, a dynamic matchmaking tool designed to streamline the process of scheduling B2B meetings. By leveraging Match&Meet, companies can preschedule meetings ensuring that valuable networking opportunities are maximized during the event.

Cosmoprof CBE ASEAN

Thailand and Asean
Thailand is a member of ASEAN, a political and economic union of 10 states in Southeast Asia that together have a population of over 600 million over a land area of 4.5 million km². ASEAN countries can take advantage of free trade agreements with China, India, Japan, South Korea, Australia, New Zealand, and Hong Kong. The country hosts the highest number of local manufacturers in the region, mostly OEM/EDM, and serves as a primary supplier of beauty products to major markets such as China, South Korea, and Japan. Many international brands chose the country as their production centre, thanks to investments offered by the Thai government to cosmetics brands for up to 8 years, easy access to high-quality ingredients and raw materials, and lower costs compared to neighbouring countries.

Market Scenario and New Consumer Habits
Demand for premium & luxury items represents 28% of the Thai market in terms of revenue. The increase in average income, as well as women’s increased financial independence, are impacting positively on products with higher quality and safety standards.
The increasing consumer awareness about sustainability and health concerns is driving the demand for natural and organic beauty products, which are becoming the best-performing segment in the region.
Sunscreen products are the segment registering the highest growth, but grooming products are obtaining great revenues, too.

The Thai Spa Industry: A Hidden Gem
Holistic beauty is deeply rooted in Thailand’s rich culture and millennia-old traditions.
According to data from the Health Business Division in 2022, there were 10,077 health establishments registered with the DHSS and Provincial Public Health Offices, with 190,000 registered service providers offering massage and spa services. Thai spa and massage activities have gained immense popularity among foreign tourists, contributing significantly to the country’s GDP.
The SPA sector is a fundamental driver of Thailand’s tourism industry, thanks to its rich tradition of natural therapies and treatments. Thailand is renowned as one of the most sought-after destinations in the global wellness sector. Thai SPA offers a wide range of treatments, from traditional Thai massages to modern wellness techniques.
Following the growth of the segment, for the first time Cosmoprof CBE ASEAN and World SPA & Well-Being Congress will take place simultaneously and in the same location, providing participants with an unparalleled experience of networking and inspiration. Companies can leverage a reserved and promoted exhibition space alongside the renowned Congress, offering industry players a complete package to showcase their latest products and gain insights from sector-leading opinion leaders. The exhibition will serve as a nexus for meaningful connections and collaborations within the global spa and well-being community.

Beauty Made in Thailand, Cosmetic Excellence

Beauty Made in Thailand will be a special area for Cosmoprof CBE ASEAN 2024 dedicated to the essence of Thai beauty and its innovation. Within this vibrant space, we are proud to celebrate the diversity and excellence of Thai beauty brands and manufacturers that embody the spirit of creativity, sustainability, quality and ethics.
The area will host a kaleidoscope of offerings from visionary SMEs reshaping local beauty standards. From innovative products to eco-conscious packaging and cutting-edge cosmeceuticals, each brand is a testament to Thai craftsmanship.
Beauty Made in Thailand is expected to attract international visitors, media and top experts of the sector to experience Thailand through the famous and authentic Thai Beauty culture.

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