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Brand Strength and Courage Drives Post-Crisis Recovery

Based in Taiwan, Shaanhonq International Corporation is a company that has spread its influence across different continents and has been a guiding light in helping keep hairdressers’ business strategy on the right course.

We are delighted to publish some feedback on the current international crisis from Artemis Tsai, General Manager of Shaanhonq

What is the situation in your country and in your export markets at this point of the COVID-19 health crisis?

“In the beginning of June, the authorities released some restrictions in Taiwan. For example, on public transport people can eat on board, but need to put the mask back on after they have finished their food. Furthermore we now allow mass-gatherings of over 100 people, which means exhibitions and religious services can be held again. In domestic tourist spots we can again see crowded areas, but people still wear masks if they can’t maintain distance from each other
As the authorities said, we are officially embracing a post-COVID-19 self-disciplined new life; at the same time people can have 9 free masks every 2 weeks and face masks are now sold in the market. We can buy a box of mask in every supermarket and retail store, which means other countries can also import face masks from Taiwan.”

How do you see the future development of the crisis for the cosmetic industry?
“We have endured a total collapse of our export sales since last February, as we cannot ship our orders anywhere, but we didn’t give up trying and we produce a lot of online videos and e-flyers for all our distributors, so they can promote products while working from home. Fortunately, with the beginning to lose its grip, we are now shipping some orders to those countries that have already opened their borders, helping us all to face the full impact of the crisis all together.”

Do you have any products that can be dedicated specifically to the COVID-19 period?

“We think personal hygiene products will be a major need globally in both the professional and the consumer market – products like hand sanitisers and protective hair products. There is a special ingredient we believe can be of great help in this period: the moringa seed extracts that can prevent scalp and hair from environmental damage and particles. As long as we can keep good personal hygiene conditions (wear masks, wash hands, keep clean) we can help protect ourselves from unknown viruses.”

Miracle Smoothing Shine Spray
This product is to tame frizzness and withering. It helps revitalise dull and lifeless hair for everyday use. It can be also used as protective mask for hair by adding moringa seed extracts to protect hair from particles and dirt .
Suitable for all kinds of hair, especially fine hair, frizzy and breakable hair, or damaged hair

Hand Sanitizer Safe for Kids Aloe. A perfect solution for hand hygiene at home, the office, or while you travel. These 68% alcohol-based formulas effectively kill 99.9% of many common germs and bacteria while a soothing blend of aloe, tea tree oil and panthenol help keep skin feeling clean and fresh.

About Shaanhonq International Corporation
A global corporation with a dedicated R&D department, high quality luxury hair product proudly Made in Taiwan
founded in 1985, Shaanhonq International Corporation has always had the ambitious goal to provide innovative and exceptional products for hairdressers. A brand from Taiwan who wants to serve hairdressers all over the world. A state of the art Organisation that believes in Education, Innovative Design Creativity, Quality and Integrity.

Website: www.shaanhonq.com

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