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Estetica Export has interviewed Gueisa Silvério, Manager of International Business at ABIHPEC, an organization with more than 400 members and that represents 90% of the Brazilian CT&F industry. It’s committed to supporting the development of export business for Brazilian manufacturers.

Please introduce your organization in reference to the beauty market.
ABIHPEC is a Private entity representing the Brazilian industry of Cosmetics, Toiletry, and Fragrances, with approximately 400 associated companies. It represents 90% of the sector.
The Association operates for 28 years in the defense of the sector’s interests in the different public and private spheres. It also supports actions focused on the industry progress through the development of projects and programs that promote innovation, sustainability, regulation, internationalization, sector projection and socially responsible attitudes of this sector.

Some areas of activity are Technical & Regulatory Affairs; Foreign trade; Communication & Marketing; Innovation & Technology; Market Intelligence; International Businesses; Environment; Social Responsibility; Institutional relations; Tax.

As one of the areas, the main activity of international businesses department it´s to coordinate the sectorial project Beautycare Brazil – a partnership between ABIHPEC (The Brazilian Association of the Cosmetic, Toiletries and Fragrances Industry) and ApexBrasil (Brazilian trade promotion and investment agency). This program seeks to support companies in their exports and promote the international image of Brazil”.

Gueisa Silvério, Manager of International Business at ABIHPEC
Gueisa Silvério, Manager of International Business at ABIHPEC

What kind of companies can join Beautycare Brazil?
We support companies in the whole value chain of the sector, ranging from finished products (that is the main goal of the association) to other products and services, such as ingredients, packaging, services and general accessories (Colour Charts, Furniture and Equipment for Salon & Spas, Furniture for Salon & Spas, Sampling Solutions for Beauty Products, Outsourcing / Private Label / Contract Manufacturing)”.

What is the mission of Beautycare?
To leverage the growth of exports of products and services that involve the value chain of the HPPC sector. This project is aimed at encouraging and helping companies that are not yet active in the international market, as well as providing support and support to exporting companies, respecting their individual strategies”.

What does it take for a hair & beauty brand to be successful in Brazil’s market?
Miscegenation of the population, as well as of the Brazilian biodiversity, which makes it possible for our industry to be innovative and have a broad role in the development of new products and technologies, as well as a wide possibility of developing inputs for products in this sector”.

How has the Brazilian Market been affected by the Pandemic? How is it moving forward now?
Here in Brazil, the CT&F sector was considered by the authorities, as essential for the continuity of the population’s supply during the pandemic. Therefore, our factories didnt stop along this period. In the first half of 2020, compared to 2019, the sector accumulated growth of 0.84% – that means it stayed flat – a very good result. This increase was seen by the sector as extremely positive. Mostly, we saw a high increase in the consumption of products of what we call the “Covid19 consumer basket” – items of personal care and wipes. This covers items such as hand sanitiser, soap (liquid and bar) and disposable & towel papers.
As a result of the effort of our industries, the quality and technology of our products, the exports for the companies supported by Beautycare Brazil project has grown during the last 3 years and is still registering good results”.

What are your hopes and plans for the future?
Beautycare Brazil aim to continue to grow our exports, expanding the number of companies served by this project and promoting the image of an industry that is innovative and has growth potential all over the world”.

The hair & beauty trade fair season has restarted. Do you believe exhibitions are important for our industry? Will they change because of the pandemic? Do you believe online activities can help your business?
For sure! The pandemic has shown us that there are possibilities for us to continue doing business, without contact needing to be face-to-face, but importers and exporters really missed meeting in person. The commercialization of our products is not just a negotiation in terms of financial values, but rather the meeting of commercial partners who need to understand many aspects of business, investments, support in the distribution and promotion of products”.

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