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Via Romolo Gessi N. 16/18 - 25135 Brescia, Italy


+39 030 3367069


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Giannantonio Negretti


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Maurizio Sangineto

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Massimiliano Giobergia


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Private Label Activities

Thanks to these important features and an international vision of the market, COSMETIC TAILORS® is able to respond to the needs of companies of all latitudes, cultures, traditions and lifestyles, creating global products and solutions.

COSMETIC TAILORS® is also one of the pillars of BEAUTICON VALLEY® the Benefit Holding Company recently founded in Brescia by the multifaceted entrepreneur Giannantonio Negretti, author of the book “Humanistic Cosmetics” and creator of the homonymous philosophy, which puts man before the product.

A network of over 50 companies, identified as the “Italian Capital of Cosmetics”, where, thanks to a synergistic and integrated supply chain, the most innovative and high-quality cosmetics are created every day and sold in over 130 countries around the world.

Company Presentation

COSMETIC TAILORS® was founded from the Negretti family’s over sixty years’ experience in the beauty industry - the first in true “bespoke Italian cosmetics”.

This is an innovative and comprehensive answer for anyone wanting private label “turnkey” solutions of unrivalled Italian excellence. Profound knowledge of the sector, an innate vocation for beauty, constant innovation, rigorous scientific research, avant-garde technological equipment, selection of the best raw materials and maximum attention to sustainability are the seven strengths which go into providing consumer into providing consumers with some of the most authoritative and prestigious international cosmetics brands.


ISO 14001:2004, ISO 9001:2008,

EN 22716:2007, SGS 6371/MI

COSMETIC TAILORS® guarantees a maximum level of excellence for Private Label, thanks to pharmaceutical formulation-production protocols, university certification tests and the most authoritative certifications around, such as ISO 14001:2004, ISO 9001:2008, EN 22716:2007, SGS 6371/MI. These certify the constant quality and safety monitoring at the highest levels.

Production Extent

“We know that every project is different from another, just like people are different from each other. This is why we wanted to add a new ingredient to our formulations: a “bespoke” approach, or respect for the specific needs and personality of the consumer. One of the points of excellence of Made in Italy is, in fact, our ability to create “made-to-measure” elegance. We have made this very successful model our own; something which has always been in our DNA,” says the founder of COSMETIC TAILORS® Giannantonio Negretti.

This production model starts with the most important element of all when it comes to cosmetics: scientific research. In the COSMETIC TAILORS® laboratories, the experimentation and prototyping processes are conducted under the guidance of some of the most successful Italian scientific disciplines in the sector, such as Dermatology, Cosmetology or Colorology®, to name but a few. The latter has even become an exclusive registered science. Unrivalled results have come out of specific research in the field of colour, particularly in relation to hair. This has been going on for over a decade in conjunction with some of the most prestigious Italian universities. 

For some time, COSMETIC TAILORS® has also had a strategic collaboration with Poliestetico di Milano, Athenaeum of Beauty and Cosmetics - one of the most authoritative academic institutions in Italy in the field of scientific, cultural and educational research. “In our formulations, each ingredient is part of a skilful combination which always aims to create something innovative and unique, exactly as if it was a dress that must fit perfectly to complement the wearer. If requested, we also take care of the look of the products with the same “bespoke” approach, also enhancing them externally as well,” Massimiliano Giobergia, Director of COSMETIC TAILORS®, is keen to point out. A team of graphic design, packaging, communication and marketing experts is available to clients to give their products a strong visual and communicative identity, in order to establish them on the market as effectively as possible.