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Via Leinì, 150 Settimo Torinese (TO) - ITALY


+39 011 80234511


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Alberto Manzetti


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Alberto Manzetti

Marketing Manager

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Gianni Manzetti

Export Manager

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• The bottles are made from 100% recycled PET

• Packages are made from FSC-certified cardboard, guaranteeing that the products is sourced from responsibly managed forest and production processes 

• The products have no added colourants

• Primarily featuring natural and biodegradable ingrediants

Private Label Activities

ODM and OEM services

All this know how experience and commitment become a great opportunity for the  brands who choose Farmen has theirs Supplier. Most of the clientele require ODM services taking advantage of the outstanding quality and variety of Farmen formulations and turnkey service. Also OEM can be provided to Brands who rely on their own formulations and image.

The long experience in this field allows Famen to offer a very complete range of product, all with the same superlative quality. Hair colors of every type, including decolorations bleaches and direct colours balm; hair treatment from shampoos to conditioner, to hair lotions and masques. A wide choice of styling products, like gels, matte, wax, no gas spray and even the in house production of aerosol propellers sprays that only a handful of company can provide.

The vast offer is completed by a series of formulas for skincare.


Growing together: Tailor-made services for every need

Farmen's Motto is Growing Together. This summaries the attitude of the company who wants to embrace a common future with the brands who choose their bespoke services for the creation of new ranges. Cooperations that are made to last for many years and create a profound link among the partners.

Farmen has created a division entirely dedicated to Bespoke projects, from Customer Care to Marketing, to offer clients innovative products, designed specifically for their reference markets.


The formulas on offer

A huge range of shades to welcome customers to the world of colour. Personalise every color chart with oxidation dyes, choose the locks of hair to best reflect a style and complete a range by choosing among more than 160 shades.


Bleaching: a wide range of hair bleaches

Farmen supplies customised formulas with the possibility of enhancing them by adding extracts and active ingredients depending on customers’ specific needs.
The bleaching powder ranges include:

Scented or neutral bleaches
Coloured bleaches
Ammonia-free bleach and low-ammonia content Bleaching powders enriched with natural extracts All types of bleaches are dust-free!

All ready to use as a custom product in 20 days With Certified manufacturing process.

Company Presentation

The Origins

Farmen International Cosmetics Distribution was born in 1964, in a small three-room laboratory in Turin, Italy. A genuine firm, fruit of the labour of two generations, offering effective, reliable and cutting-edge products to beauty treatment and hairstyle professionals. A firm that is recognised and appreciated in more than 80 countries, across the five continents. Right from the first product, Farmesil silicon spray, a brainchild of founders Mariarosa Ceccon and Piero Manzetti, it stood out for its innovative and modern business approach. In the 80s, the second generation came along with Andrea Manzetti and Gianni Manzetti: they contributed to the international success of brands like  Vitality’s, Neà-Spa and Fascinelle that are well known for their quality, sustainability and outstanding performances.


The Present

Farmen is a traditional Italian firm strongly linked to the local environment while at the same time able to be truly International. They have reconcilied these two folding nature and make it an essential point of their corporate mission. Seventy percent of their staff lives in Settimo Torinese, a town on the outskirts of Turin where the plans of the company are established since the beginning. 90% of the first level suppliers can be considered local. Farmen is also committed in supporting the local Community sponsoring sports activities, NPOs, students hospitals and other organizations. Despite roots deeply embedded in their territory, Farmen would not renounce to one of the most important parts of its soul which is expand to foreign markets either exporting their own brands or supplying products for clients companies.

Farmen holds in high regard the role of the staff for the organisation, they are considered an fundamental asset that deserve best conditions and support. The firm guarantees an healthy and well protected working environment, transparent recruitment policies, equal opportunities and equitable remuneration, special terms for maternity freedom for trade union representation and continues professional development.



The entire production cycle, with a capacity of around 100,000 item of product per day

The Production

One of Farmen’s strongest point is the ability to manage the entire production chain within the company: from the initial concept to the selection of raw materials and active ingredients right up to production, delivery and education. Farmen guarantees the quality and reliability of its products through a meticulous procedure that controls of every step of the process. They apply tests so stringent that no more than around 100 formulas are approved every year - out of the approximately 1000 formulas evaluated. This level of control over the production phases is especially important when producing for private label where the manufacturer is responsible for the quality and reliability of the product.

Committed to Values

Farmen is not new to embrace values such as ‘respect for environment’, ‘safety at work’, ‘customer care’ and awareness that ‘profit and responsibility’ cannot be separated.

Farmen has decided to go beyond this mission statement, formalizing its values and objectives with the project: “The sustainable Colors of beauty”, a social responsibility strategy that aims at promoting a new kind of beauty, closer to the environment and the people. The first result of this commitment was the formalisation of the ‘Charter of values and commitments’ which was born as an evolving document and becomes richer through dialogue with the firm's stakeholders.

With the aim to guarantee the maximum possible quality of its products, Farmen has developed a sustainable supply policy on the raw materials based on environmental and human rights protection. On top of that, since 2018, Farmen has asked its suppliers of the main ingredients respect this policy. Finally the company provides support and assistance in training before and after sales to ensure that products are 100% safe for humans and for the environment, thank to thousand of analysis carried out each year by quality control at R&D laboratories.


Technology plays a fundamental part in the production phase. One example of many is the automated system for bleach production in a controlled microclimate that Farmen has installed.This climate control system operates within the factory - over 20,000 sqm - monitoring the temperature and hydrometry and reducing polluting agents. The entire production cycle, with a capacity of around 100,000 item of product per day, is monitored from start to finish to ensure complete quality for every single product.

Production Extent

Hair Dye

A complete range of oxidation dyes and direct colors with over 160 shades; Bleaches ammonia free colors and bleaches


A wide selection of shampoos for every kind of hair and scalp

Hair treatment

hair treatment from conditioner,to hair lotions to hairmasques


A wide choice of styling products, like gels, matte, wax, no gas spray;  in house production of aerosol propellers sprays

Skin care

A complete series of formulas for skincare.