Company Name


Company Address

Via di Corticella 190/2, 40128 Bologna (BO) Italy


+39 051 323090


Strengths & Opportunities

Luca Papetti


Miriam Rondelli

Marketing Manager

Giorgio Milani

Export Manager

Manufacture specialisation:

  • hair care products, including aerosol sprays
  • beauty care products
  • private label cosmetics

Supported by

  • craftsmanship, 
  • innovative research 
  • Italian cosmetic tradition

Private Label Activities

Parisienne has created a centre of innovation for the creation of cosmetic lines. Quality, customisation and listening to customers’ needs: these are Parisienne Italia’s strengths in the manufacture of hair care products, beauty care products and private label cosmetics. They take care of everything: from creating formulas that fully respond to product requirements, through to defining the most suitable packaging. The objective is to share their know-how with the clients to ensure they can obtain the perfect product. This is possible thanks to craftsmanship, research and Italian cosmetic tradition that is embedded in Parisienne Italia DNA.

Company Presentation

It is Italy that is about to be overwhelmed by the enthusiasm and excitement of the Boom and the Dolce Vita. It is Italy animated by new intentions, thrilled by suggestions and great goals to achieve.

This is Italy of 1955, that of Fape, the innovative brilliantine for hair that revolutionizes the Italian cosmetic market with which the company establishes itself on the national scene. Shortly after, Fape becomes Parisienne Italia and starts - first in the Bel Paese - the production of hairsprays for the national market. More than sixty years have passed and since then the Parisienne Italia group contributes every day to the evolution of cosmetic excellence exclusively made in Italy.

In 2021, Parisienne Italia becomes part of HQ Holding, a 100% Made in Italy industrial hub specialized in high value-added productions, with the aim to become the first player in Europe in the production of aerosols in the professional channel in terms of volumes and know-how, and among the principal players in the production of hair colouring.


Parisienne Italia has implemented a self-consumption photovoltaic system on the roof of its production site, intending to improve the quality of the working environment by removing a potentially polluting source, saving on the consumption of its industrial cycle while obtaining, at the same time, a reduction of CO2 emissions into the atmosphere thus contributing to the fight against global warming. The photovoltaic system, with a power higher than 100 kW, saves over 140,000 kWh, equal to 2,618 tons of oil per year, equivalent to 61.6 tons of CO2 saved every year.


The production centre consists of 5 production lines for hair colours, 1 for aerosols and 2 filling machines for liquid products.

We produce per hour 17,000 colour dye tubes, 1,100 cans and 1,100 bottles.

Production Extent


5 hair dye ranges -  17,000 tubes per hour


Two liquids filling machines -  1,100 bottles per hour


Two liquids filling machines -  1,100 bottles per hour


One aerosol line -  1,100 pressurised can per hour