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Via G. Falcone, 35 - 20080 Vernate



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Francesco Ioppolo

International Business Manager

Lucio Fusaro










Private Label Activities

REVI PHARMA researches, formulates, produces and packages food supplements, medical devices and cosmetics exclusively on behalf of third parties. By coming to us, customers find answers to all their needs. As a matter of fact, our strength lies in providing customized solutions and products, an expert and dedicated service as well as quality offer, strictly Made in Italy.

We consider companies that come to us more as partners rather than mere customers. A vision that makes our work more effective, concrete and closer to the needs of each and every brand.

We have been offering accurate consultancy and turnkey solutions for more than 30 years, providing our expertise aimed at studying and producing innovative and game changing ideas, with attention to every detail, taking the customer through each stage of the project step by step.

Company Presentation

Revi Pharma is a team of specialists, always working hand in hand with customers, ready to create innovative products in full compliance with the regulations, capable of implementing customized projects aimed at creating, developing, industrializing, producing and controlling the quality of the preparations.

Quality is a value to us. A deeply-rooted ethical and responsible commitment through constant and advanced research, stringent choice of suppliers, painstaking selection of raw materials, thorough check of all production steps and compliance with international production and safety standards as proven by the numerous certificates awarded to us.

This is why, for a long time now, we have been taking part in the Green Initiative aimed at contributing, to the best of our ability, towards saving the planet, guaranteeing better living conditions for all and leaving a better world for the future generations. A journey that has seen us committed towards carrying out our projects in full compliance with the environmental requirements, using renewable energy, eliminating wastage and recycling 99% of the processing residues in the production sites.


High specialization and advanced technology are at the core of Revi Pharma nutraceuticals. For many years now, we have been researching, developing and producing formulations that boost the general well-being of a person: probiotics capable of restoring the natural defense of the organism also protecting against change of season issues, preparations that stimulate metabolic processes capable of controlling weight, managing diuretic functionalities and much more.

A highly qualified scientific staff oversees product development while production occurs by means of automatically controlled machines with one and two-phase dosing.

Even though certificates are definitely a major feather in our cap, our commitment towards our customers’ projects is what makes us an ideal partner with whom you can develop innovative products where quality is paramount.

As far as cosmetics, we are very strong in three main categories: hair colors, hair treatments and skincare.

Formulation and production of hair coloration products is the actual core business of the haircare department. Our vast experience, the result of decades of activity in the professional market worldwide, guarantees up to standard products for extraordinary performance. Our wide range of nuances, the different types of formulations (permanent, semi-permanent, direct) and the numerous formats (single tube, semi kit, retail kits) merge to offer great flexibility capable of meeting any needs.

On the other hand, we pay special attention to the formulation of treatment products, ranging from products meant for treating scalp dysfunctions and products for daily use. Our laboratories offer various solutions for all types of hair with tangible and long-lasting results.

About the skincare, Thanks to the experience of our formulators, who directly collaborate with university research institutes and with experts in the pharmaceutical industry, we can formulate products and treatments for drugs markets, drug stores and professional beauty care guaranteeing utmost quality, reliability and performance.

Production Extent

Revi Pharma complies with the HACCP self-control system which prevents food contamination hazards. In addition, the system is based on the systematic control of the food processing points potentially exposed to the danger of biological, chemical and physical contamination. Furthermore, we apply the GMP (“Good Manufacturing Practices”) standards, having been awarded the certificate following an inspection, consisting of a set of rules laying down the methods, equipment, means and management of production processes with the aim of ensuring appropriate quality standards.

Strict management of the production process helped us – at Revi Pharma – achieve the ISO 9001:2015 quality management system certificate. This certificate was issued by IQNet (International Certification Network).

Our production – at Revi Pharma – was also awarded the following certificates: ISO 13485:2016, which regulates medical devices standards; ISO 22716:2007, which enforces compliance with the GMP standards in the cosmetic industry; the BIO code 40338 certificate of conformity (IT-BIO-004 control body code).

The highly technological production comprises automatically controlled machines with one and two-phase dosing. New products are developed under the management and supervision of highly qualified and skilled scientific personnel.