With International Exhibitions being cancelled, whole countries on lock-down and nobody feeling safe to travel, we can always rely on online platforms to support our business communications.

The impact of an epidemic outbreak reveals a wide range of consequences not only for the health of the population, but also on the psychology of people. Habits change dramatically, daily routines are disrupted, meaning that each one of us has to reconsider the priorities of life and sometimes modify our view on what really matters.
Although the diffusion of Coronavirus is still very different in different parts of the world, it seems that more or less everyone on the planet will have to deal with it. There’s much concern the damage this situation is doing to the global economy and the way its affecting businesses of all sizes.
An evident example in our industry is the bewildering array of Cosmetic Exhibitions cancelled or postponed. It is happening all over the world, uncertainty is now ruling the roost, making it hard to plan any business, to reach out to clients and suppliers and most of all, almost impossible to contact new customers or partners.
As you can read in the daily reports on Esteticaexport.com, the most important Trade Fairs in this period have been rescheduled to just a few months later, mostly between May an July 2020. But nobody can bet that in the near future the situation will be ok in every area of the world. It will take time to reorganise our lives and our schedules, and this will have to go through a profound refurbishment of our life style.
Circumstances like remote working, and e-commerce are now adopted by many businesses and individuals to keep working and doing business with people that they cannot reach in a traditional way.
Actually, in these last few weeks, our team at Estetica Export has been working more than ever, even though most marketing activities are disrupted or drastically reduced.

And that is because online platforms are the only effective way to communicate with the target you want to reach. We are offering our clients and partners the opportunity to keep up their business communication dispatching their messages all over the world. And this is not a fad confined to a crisis period. This is the innovative way to interact within our industry, a new habit that will become the standard in a very near future.