Nazih, a 21st-century ultra-modern game-changer, merges trailblazing concepts, technology & trends in the beauty industry to give all its valued customers novel and personalized beauty products

Nazih sells bespoke beauty products that target Gen Z and Millennials, addressing their tech-savvy purchases oriented toward e-commerce. Indeed, Nazih’s marketing channels apply a game-changing concept, catering to customer demands by choosing distinct ideas and products that fit their exact specifications and are formulated through intricate logic. These products are then delivered to the customer’s door thanks to a subscription-based marketing paradigm and the use of apps. These enablers of the new bespoke model require robust technology, highly-trained and qualified professionals and an open supply chain management model based on ethical and socially responsible values. Such a supply chain adds effectiveness at each stage of the process and uses this opportunity to satisfy the actual needs of customers, rather than providing them with static products driven by a ‘one size fits for all’ mantra. Health, emotions, nutrition, satisfaction, and beauty are at the foundation of these products, formulated to guarantee the best holistic results for each customer.

Why choose Nazih?

As the pioneer of the professional beauty industry in the Middle East & North Africa (MENA) region, Nazih is the only active promoter of ‘Mass Sustainability’, to keeping the environment safe and reducing carbon and other harmful emissions. Input is also provided to suppliers for improving the biodegradability of all products. This role is fully endorsed by world leaders in professional beauty, which makes Nazih the largest and the most sought after marketer of beauty products in the Arab world and MENA region. It must also be remembered that Millenials and Gen Z are highly aware of brand image, trends and movements in the global beauty industry along with the environmental and ethical issues. This is why Nazih dialogs with Millenials and the Gen Z using the language of technology and most popular social platforms like Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter etc. – for a direct connection where thoughts, beliefs, requirements, and advice can be shared. Nazih also adheres to the status quo through traditional marketing techniques and tools to better serve and support its large base of conventional customers. Moreover, Nazih’s dynamic web portal provides vlogs and beauty blogs that provide virtual reality experience to Millennials, Gen Z, and conventional customers.

Added value

With a robust supply chain management system that relies on advanced technology and professionalism, the company is able to successfully serve more than 100,000 salons and beauty parlours. Nazih ensures a reduced carbon footprint and an ecofriendly supply chain from procurement to the last member in chain: the customer. Even the infrastructure is based on sustainable principles and efficient architectural models that reduce fuel consumption and other valuable resources. The logistics system features a hi-tech tracking process that ensures timely delivery of the products as promised. The company’s logistics team supplies products to customers using more than 1000 multipurpose vehicles (MPVs) which are highly fuel efficient and are used for both sales visits and product delivery.