Let’s get ready for shows and social commitment, visiting the southern Spain exhibition “Beauty Valencia” that will be held between February 15 and 17, 2020 at Feria Valencia.

The next edition of Beauty Valencia aims to attract wide interest among international audiences (especially professional hairdressers) thanks to the attempt they are organizing to beat the world Guinness record of the number of simultaneous haircuts.

During the event, inside the exhibition area, they will gather 1300 hairdressers who will execute haircuts simultaneously to outmatch the current world record that was set in 2014 in Japan, with a total of 1,214 haircuts.

But there is more! We can say that solidarity will be the protagonist of the second day of Beauty Valencia. This initiative, organized by ADACAM, the Association of Adult and Minor Brain Damage together with Beauty Valencia, has set the goal to collect hair and funds to make oncological wigs.

Participate and help those in need

“A little bit of you, it’s a lot “ (… for those who need it ) This is the motto that appears on all the advertisements of this event, alluding to the organizer’s intention to complete this contest with an activity that will help people in need. What could they do with all the hair that they will be cutting off 1300 people? This is the question they asked themselves. Well, why not use it to make wigs for the patients of the oncology centers who have unfortunately lost their hair as a consequence of the treatment they had to undergo to cure illness. Therefore all the cut hair tufts that will exceed 20cm in length, will be collected and used to make wigs to be donated.

For this purpose Beauty Valencia has been working together also with the Association “Mechones Solidarios”, that focuses mainly on helping to face the aesthetic consequences of chemotherapy treatment and establishing supportive relationships for those affected. Not only providing them with a high-quality natural hair wig, made to measure, but also improving their self-esteem, which will help them overcome the disease. When getting the hair in solidarity, the cost of the wig drops by 80%. The price is reduced drastically because you just have to cover the production costs. This makes it possible to create free wigs for anyone who does not have sufficient resources and at a very low price for those who do.

As Dolores Torrente, president of ADACAM, emphasizes, “The value of solidarity grows, and that is why we want all the citizens, and in particular the group of hairdressers, to contribute with their collaboration and support, that we need to be able to gather the maximum number of hairdressers and thus be able to beat the record in Beauty Valencia.”

The amount collected will be allocated to support the social work carried out by ADACAM to improve the lives of people affected by brain damage and their families. This act will be a further demonstration of the sector’s commitment to society and, in this particular case, to people affected by brain damage.


Valencia Beauty Fair - Haircut contest