Comprof announces it’s in for a refreshing makeover, as part of its new brand strategy to further embrace both internationalization and its reinforced commitment to sustainability.

It’s time for Comprof to step up to a higher level – with a new logo that that reflects the organization’s development of its communications tools and strategies, with the objective of targeting leading global cosmetics product distributors, as well as industry experts and media influencers. In the process, the brand has also highlighted values that have always been at the core of the company: its commitment to sustainability, its support for charitable initiatives and the welfare of its employees.
Comprof’s new image extends to cutting-edge new offices, where spaces are designed to favour dialogue and interaction. with the aim of offering staff outstanding comfort and functionality in the workplace.
Despite the current difficulties, the company decided to launch its new plans; Luciana Marmorato, President of Comprof explains more:Achieving this goal is clear proof of our company’s will to set even more ambitious goals emerging from our core values, including a focus on the raw materials, processes and technologies that make our products 100% Made in Italy”.
Luciana Marmorato also highlighted the huge contribution of people themselves: “The people involved in this development continue to be a vital part of it,” she continues. “Comprof has always put its employees and partners at the heart of what it does. It is thanks to their creative and purposeful input that we have reached such great results. With this mind, we hope to play a leading role in the distribution of Italian cosmetics and beauty products around the world”.
To underline this new brand commitment, the President concluded:
“We want to make a positive impact on people, as well as on the world we live in. Our contribution to environmental sustainability will be tangible. The project “Treedom” gives us the chance to play our part: we have decided to plant a tree to every employee and every new distributor who becomes our customer. This is only the beginning of a series of activities that will reflect of our idea of sustainability: to really make a difference.”

A multi-brand company proudly 100% Made in Italy, Comprof is set to conquer the world with a wide range of cosmetics, haircare, beauty make-up products.