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Cosmoprof India Sets New Standards in Hair & Beauty

With over 9,000 professionals from 55 countries participating, the 4th edition of this key exhibition in India recorded positive feedback from both domestic and international participants alike.

The B2B show, dedicated to the fast‐growing Indian beauty market, took place from 7th – 9th December 2023. It delivered impressive results for no fewer than 450 brands and exhibitors from 19 countries and regions. Over 9,000 stakeholders from 55 countries and regions gathered at the Jio World Convention Centre in Mumbai. The best-represented countries were India, The United Arab Emirates, The United States of America, The United Kingdom, Australia, France, Italy, Nepal and South Korea.

We are excited about the success of Cosmoprof India,” states Mr. Enrico Zannini, General Manager of BolognaFiere Cosmoprof. “For 3 incredible days, attendees from 55 countries suppliers, brands, retailers, distributors, and professionals had the chance to meet each other, explore the cuttingedge trends and product launches, and get inspired by new tools and solutions. Year after year the exhibition in Mumbai is becoming one of the strategic rendezvous for stakeholders, and today we can proudly announce that the show is already one of the most renowned B2B events focusing on the fastgrowing Indian beauty industry. For this edition, we already registered an impressive increase in attendance from new companies, with a notable 28% increase compared to the previous year, as well as a highly positive percentage of international brands, +49% compared to last year”.

Cosmoprof India

Speaking on the successful conclusion of the Cosmoprof India 2023, Mr Yogesh Mudras, Managing Director, Informa Markets in India – partners in the joint venture that run the fair —said, “The Cosmoprof India stands as the premier B2B platform gathering for the dynamically shifting beauty market, showcasing exhibitors nationwide. This season, our enthusiasm peaked as we unveiled the 4th Edition of Cosmoprof India on a more expansive scale.

Notably, Cosmoprof India witnessed a remarkable 20% growth in footfalls and an impressive increase of exhibitor participation by 44% as compared to last year. Cosmopack India, a salon dedicated to the beauty supply chain showing a diverse array of international and domestic companies, covering everything from raw materials and laboratories to private label, contract manufacturing, and packaging.”

To enhance the experience for our esteemed visitors, we curated several special topoftheline initiatives, including toptier formats like CosmoTalks, CosmoForum, Cosmo Onstage to name a few. These not only impart valuable knowledge but also foster a network of meaningful business relationships.

The event culminated on a high note with the celebration of excellence in Beauty. The Cosmoprof India Awards showcased the pinnacle of achievements, recognizing the best products, designs, and innovations from Cosmoprof and Cosmopack India in a distinctive initiative tailored for this year,” he further added.

Cosmoprof India

Cosmoprof India 2023 provided a strategic overview of both the development of the local industry and international trends and brand‐new solutions, owing to the presence of 5 country pavilions: Australia, Korea, Italy, Taiwan, and the UK.

Thanks to highly performing match-making tools, Cosmoprof India welcomed over 150 prestigious buyers from Nepal, Sri Lanka, and the UAE, together with senior executives from retail in India. Highly effective meetings were arranged throughout the three‐day show, connecting suppliers and branded finished product companies with common interests for new projects and collaborations.

Positive feedback has been received from both buyers and companies. Here are some comments by entrepreneurs engaged in the Indian market.

The energy, enthusiasm, and passion for beauty, tech, and innovation were truly inspiring. From deep conversations to handson demos and engaging seminars, every interaction at the event was a testament to the power of connections in the beauty, fashion and technology industries,” said, Tanuj Mishra, AVP India, Perfect Corp.

Cosmoprof India

Offering insightful perspectives on the burgeoning Indian beauty market Mr. Spoorthy Shetty, CEO BBlunt (Mama Earth Group) (India) said,

India’s beauty industry, despite its massive 1.4 billion population, holds considerable potential for further growth and expansion. The professional hair care market, that alone is valued at 2100 crores (about 280Mil US$), exemplifies this potential. The growing demand for international beauty products is fuelled by the rise of ecommerce channels and their integration with physical stores. Social media plays a crucial role in shaping consumer preferences, particularly among Tier 2 cities, leading to a shift towards international brands and prestige categories.

Cosmoprof India

Sharing his insights on the growth of the industry, Mr. Samir Srivastav, CEO, LOOKS Salon Group said, “Cosmoprof India showcases India’s potential in beauty and cosmetics, revealing vast opportunities. The beauty industry is booming, especially with urban Indian consumers, and attracting both national and international exhibitors. Our vision is to open 500 salons by 2029 in India driven by Tier 1 cities while exploring Tier 2 cities, expanding from our current 213 salons in 51 cities.

Emphasizing a shift in the dynamics of the Indian beauty and cosmetics industry, Mr Sanjiv Sharma, CEO of Grey Trendy Professionals Pvt Ltd, said, “India has transitioned from a consumer to a leader in the beauty and cosmetics industry. The world now looks to India as a pioneer, and the next two decades will see the global market seeking to learn and acquire our best products. This optimism is fuelled by the rapidly expanding men’s grooming market in India, which is currently at 900 million USD and expected to reach USD 1900 million by 2029. Grey Trendy Professionals Pvt Ltd. is capitalizing on this growth, aiming to expand its Mens Barber Salon Chain brand, HMX BY HAIRMECHANIXX stores from its current five branches to 50 by 2024 and 100 by 2025.

Events like Cosmoprof India provide a platform to explore the potential of the Indian beauty market, underscoring India’s rise as a global hub for beauty products, attracting international attention, and setting new industry standards.”

Save the dates for Cosmoprof India 2024: the show will be back at the Jio World Convention Centre in Mumbai from December 5th – 7th 2024.

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