This prestigious international business event is expected to attract many of the leading decision-makers from across the Hair & Beauty Industry.

After its cancellation in 2020, the next BS Congress has been scheduled for May 30th – 31st 2021, at the Centre International in Deauville, France.

A two-day event dedicated to prominent managers and decision-makers in the international hair and beauty industry, it will bring together more than 250 managers, plus 50 suppliers & service providers.

The scope of the Congress is to offer plenty of quality content, while promoting face-to-face meetings through pre-organised and qualified selections, in a business-like yet friendly atmosphere.

The format of this event offers free food and accommodation to all invited guests, with every participant committing to taking part in all the conferences and seminars, in order to make an active contribution to the event.

This is a proven system which encourages communication exchange, increases networking, encourages new professional alliances and keeps pace with new trends in the industry.

Business meetings are organized individually, in the form of a 20-minute speed-business encounter. Each participant agrees to make a minimum of 10 meetings over the two days. On top of that, lunches are organised to promote networking between participants; an opportunity to more extensively discuss business friendly and relaxed atmosphere.

Organizers desire that every participant make the most of their experience at BS Congress Deauville. That is why, around mid-March, every subscriber will receive a personal link to browse the final list of decision-makers and service providers. They can then accept or reject any meeting request, so that every participant’s agenda can respond to their own personal objectives for exchanging ideas, proposals, and creating opportunities for new business partners.