Eugène Perma President, Didier Martin, has been elected Chairman of the Federal Board of Directors of the FEBEA (French Federation of Beauty Companies)

For more than 25 years, Didier Martin has been involved in the cosmetics industry, in various ways and especially in support of the “Made in France” label.

Didier Martin is the fourth president of Eugène Perma, a company that can be defined as a middle-size French family in the hair products market. Boasting a history that spans over 100 years, Eugene Perma is, above all, a family business: “Eugène Permas quality is to draw its strength from a rich and inspiring past,” explainsDidier Martin. “Its family structure, its human size and our strong entrepreneurial spirit are, in my opinion, soul supplements, assets that make our company so singular in the cosmetics market.”

His new role as President of the FEBEA, together with his other role as President of the French Hairdresser Supplier Union (SFFC) only strengthens his position and will give him the chance to keep contributing to the development of our industry with particular attention to the hair sector, which represents 14% of the market.

FEBEA is a professional union representing cosmetics manufacturers operating in France. The cosmetic sector includes perfumery, hair & beauty products, hygiene and toiletry products as well as care products. For more than 125 years, FEBEA has been at the service of professionals in the cosmetic sector.
With 300 member companies, 85% of which are SMEs or VSEs, representing more than 95% of the sector’s turnover, it brings together company managers to identify the challenges and define the sector’s major orientations and bring them to stakeholders. It also supports its member companies offering expertise and services in the legal, social, scientific, regulatory and environmental fields.
The cosmetics industry creates skilled jobs that are well distributed throughout the country, the industry creates 246,000 jobs, including 164,000 direct jobs. It is the second sector in terms of patenting with 3.6 patents per million euros spent on R&D.
The 3,200 companies in the cosmetics industry are spread throughout France.