The expansion of the Italian Stock Exchange “Elite” has been drawn from 13 new companies that include the Italian hair beauty brand, Cotril.

Elite’s new entries belong to different sectors, including technology, personal products and fashion. Logistically, they are distributed geographically across different regions of Italy, from Trentino Alto Adige to Campania, and have a size ranging from €10m to €500m in turnover.
There are many reasons that have led to these new companies joining Elite: the desire to approach public and private capitals; the chance to access a set of managerial tools to accelerate development; an interest in services and innovative financial products to raise capital for growth, training and higher visibility. Also, the possibility of networking, which has always been a key element of the community of companies and Elite Partners. At the moment Elite consists of 1590 companies of which over 940 are Italian.
Well aware of the importance of this admission in the Stock Exchange Elite program, Cotril looks at the international markets with renewed optimism.
“Entering the Elite community represents a strategic opportunity for Cotril to accelerate the process of international growth and development, thanks to the support for organizational change, the access to new resources and opportunities of diversified financing, and the participation in a network of companies and stakeholders of international visibility,” said Giuliano Reas, Cotril Managing Director. “Joining such an exclusive team makes us very proud and we are sure it will represent a fundamental element of attractiveness and competitiveness in international markets for our company .”