The new Emsibeth Talent Academy is a modern and functional facility that offers the highest quality education for hairdressers worldwide. The Academy also has video conferencing features so all distributors can communicate easily with the headquarters.

Located in Verona, the Emsibeth Talent Academy is a complete training centre for the beauty and hairdressing sector. Great comfort and exquisite elegance are the emerging features of this academy, making it not just an educational space, but a real experience that allows participants to embrace the concept of the Emsibeth salon.

Emsibeth Talent Academy - for Creativity, Education & Business

The academy hosts three specialized course rooms offering a wide variety of options for all types of seminars, workshops visuals, conferences and video conferences.

The main room is equipped for any type of seminar either technical, workshop or visual and can host up to 40 people in the audience. With its exciting environment technically advanced, the main hall offers the possibility to record and/or stream seminar videos.

It offers direct immersion in the world of thermal water, thanks to the decoration of the walls with attention to the smallest detail it gives the impression of entering a bubble.
With a more intimate capacity of around 20 people, the Thermal room ensures greater individual attention.

Last but not least, the conference/meeting room features a conferencing audio and video system. This room allows to connect with anyone, anywhere, and it is used mostly to discuss and define commercial agreements and contracts with partners from every corner of the world.

Emsibeth Talent Academy - for Creativity, Education & Business

The Academy also has a backwash area with two stations designed to complete spa and technical treatments during seminars. Ergonomic and elegant seating shows a great commitment to giving maximum comfort and well-being to those who participate in the courses and practical demonstrations.

The presence of a relaxation area with sofas, armchairs and facilities for drinks and snacks highlights the importance given to comfort and relaxation during breaks in training.

Overall, the Emsibeth Talent Academy is a well-designed facility with a welcoming environment, where training is not just study and concentration, but becomes a pleasurable and fulfilling experience.