A couple of months ago, following the ruling of the Paris Commercial Court, a new consortium of Naturopera, Alfaparf and Superga Beauty took over the Eugène Perma Group. Alfaparf will take over professional product production, Naturopera will take care of retail distribution, while Superga Beauty, for its part, will manage the future of the Parchimy industrial site in Reims.

The first impression is that the consortium won’t work to limit to the brand’s developmental capabilities. On the contrary, this consortium won this takeover because each component is a specialist in its field – Superga in manufacturing and bottling, Naturopera in distribution and Alfaparf Milano in its role as the largest Italian professional hair care company.
This alliance guarantees the sustainability of jobs, as well as the economic development of each of these sectors, by entering the French market with a brand that already has an established reputation and a competitive edge.

According to the new management, Eugène Perma’s old economic model, pursuing a strategy that was both consumer and B2B, was a weakness – a waste of resources; the group was torn between GMS strategies and profitability approaches that were completely different from those of hair salons. Now, the company is able to concentrate solely on its channels and on the experience of a group like Alfaparf.

Our first objective is to guarantee the continuity of the brands name” says Lucas Kaczmarek, General Director Alfaparf France. Therefore, Alfaparf France will keep the commercial name of Eugène Perma Professional, which will act as an umbrella brand. Other brands like Carmen, Essentiel and Collection Nature will also continue with the already established distribution, in France and other countries as well.

Eugène Perma
Emmanuel Pirenne, Créative and Education Director Eugène Perma Professionnel, Marco Eula, General Director Alfaparf Milano, Elodie Conort, marketing Director Eugène Perma Professionnel, and Lucas Kaczmarek, General Director Alfaparf France

The priority is to relaunch a business which has been at a complete standstill for almost six months.
According to the actual plan, the company will keep all the Eugène Perma brands: Carmen for colouring, Essentiel for haircare, Artist(e) for styling and Collection Nature for haircare, maintaining the already established distribution networks, both in France and other countries. Also, the professional distribution of Olaplex in hair salons will be maintained. A different destiny has befallen the brand Amika, which was already discontinued before the new management arrived. At the moment, it is too early to say which Alfaparf group brands will be suitable to enter the portfolio in France, which represents a fantastic resource for future developments.

For now, the company will focus on strengthening Eugene Perma’s colouring services, which, from the sales point of view, remain the most requested by professional clientele and guarantee profitability.