The Greek Island of Rhodes was the backdrop for the 18th edition of the International Framesi Congress which took place from October 1st – 5th in the prestigious Rodos Palace Hotel.

It was an unforgettable experience for the 1,100 hair and beauty professionals from 36 countries around the world, with days spent together sharing inspiration, creativity, and style in the medieval centre of Rhodes, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Enriched by gorgeous nature, blue seas, and radiant sunshine, the setting provided the perfect context for a full immersion into the Framesi world of fashion, innovation and quality.

On stage were seven teams of stylists from around the world, who enthralled the audience with their unique performances. From the Italian-style cuts of Italian Style Framesi and Italian Style Energy to the brush cut based on the ‘sculpture’ technique by Polverini, and the avant-garde looks of Valeria Barba, the show was a celebration of creativity and talent.

Alongside the Framesi International team, international stylists like Billy Dogan from the UK and Jiro Okabe from Thailand, and hairstylists from the USA also performed, celebrating the stylistic diversity of the international scene.

The shows took place in the indoor pool area of the Rodos Palace, an unusual and impactful setting with the dome creating magical lighting effects at dusk, that enchanted the guests.

Much enjoyed by guests was a presentation of the three Framesi corners, dedicated to product development and knowledge. From Morphosis Hair Treatment to FOR-ME and the innovative IWAVE service by Fabio Zaffignani, guests could delve into the latest developments of the professional hair and beauty lines presented by the Italian multinational company.

“La Dolce Vita” inspired dinner was the culmination of the five days, celebrating the Italian lifestyle in a relaxed and exclusive atmosphere.

Some space was reserved for teamwork and business with the International Distributor Workshop that provided an opportunity for Framesi distributors from all over the world to strengthen international partnerships and share future perspectives.

With over 1,100 participants from 35 countries, this has been one of the most important congresses in Framesi’s history,” says Fabio Franchina, President of Framesi. “The reason for such extraordinary success lies in the growing awareness that hairdressers, now more than ever, need valuable guidance and elements to enrich their daily activities. Creativity is an intrinsic element in the hairdresser’s work, but providing them with new ideas and projects significantly enhances their performance. Today, we stand at a major crossroads: hairdressers must be able to provide different support to their clients and respond effectively to their needs. Only through proper professional training can this goal be achieved. In this edition, we introduced a significant innovation: alongside the usual grand shows, with performances by stylists from around the world to stimulate diverse creative visions, we added specific corners dedicated to product and method knowledge. The goal is to provide our clients with the information they need to improve their operational capabilities starting from tomorrow. This embodies the spirit that sets us apart as a company: our mission is the success of hairdressers, and this remains our absolute priority.”


Next year’s edition of the International Congress Framesi, is scheduled from October 6th to 10th 2024 in Budapest.