Founded ten years ago by the Piedmontese entrepreneurs including Licia Mattioli, Paolo Pininfarina and CEO of Estetica, Roberto Pissimiglia, Exclusive Brands Torino is on quest to spread Italian know-how and the unique quality of “Made in Italy” excellence all around the world.

Through the Exclusive Talks, broadcast online since the end of October, Estetica’s readers and followers have already been able to meet the first ten protagonists of Exclusive Brands Torino. Sixteen other guests will be interviewed in the coming weeks.

The episode published on February 4, featured Paolo Pininfarina and Roberto Pissimiglia. Through their stories and visions we discover the parallel trajectory of two companies founded in Turin just a few kilometres apart. The theme that guided the interview, conducted by Eleni Molos, was beauty in all its expressions. Pininfarina’s values have always been purity, innovation and elegance. As for Estetica, the magazine has made beauty and the art of beauty its vocation and editorial mission. Pininfarina bodywork and design, together with the fashion trends portrayed in Estetica, are a sample of Italian excellence – particularly in Turin – through the creation of exclusive and unique brands, each in their respective sectors.

At the end of their Exclusive Talks interview, Paolo Pininfarina and Roberto Pissimiglia exchanged two emblematic publications from their history:

Paolo Pininfarina: “… in our library I found an original issue of the Pininfarina magazine from 1966. The magazine, created throughout the 1960s had ten issues per year. This particular issue is really special because it shows a photo of my grandfather Pinin, founder of the company who passed away in April of that year. This issue, published at the end of that year, also presented all the new automobile features designed, built and showcased in ’66. The magazine is also enriched by an extraordinary article, written by none other than Enzo Ferrari to celebrate 16 years of his working friendship with my grandfather, Pininfarina. Here there is a lot of tradition, a lot of history: it is almost sixty years old and I am pleased to give it to you…. “

Roberto Pissimiglia: “… when my father began to edit Estetica magazine, one of the symbols of the post-war Italian renaissance was represented by the Cisitalia 202 by Pininfarina, reproduced in the first issues of Estetica. That first issue of Estetica was illustrated on the cover with a beautiful sketch by the artist Pit Piccinelli and contained my father’s editorial that was later broadcast on the radio: “Italian hairdressers, you finally have a magazine for you and your clients.” A unique copy, like the beautiful Pininfarina magazine that you have just given me…”