It is with great sadness that we must announce the passing of Arturo Taverna – synonymous with professionalism and whose name will live on through his outstanding legacy to our industry.

Arturo started out in the 1950s as a talented hairdresser and soon made a name for himself. His salon soon turned into such a popular destination that he had to reopen his doors at 5am and continue working well into the night. It was an environment to which many of the best hairdressers and beauty therapists were drawn in order to fulfil their training and gain experience. Arturo soon became the household name for hair and beauty in South Australia, opening multiple salons all over Adelaide, growing to over 40 locations over time. His vision of creating local, natural, and sustainably sourced professional hair and beauty products led him to start manufacturing in the early 1960s, and turned Artav Australia to what it is today, producing more than 1,500 products across 6 internationally recognized brands.
Despite the sadness of the moment, we can be reassured that Artav Australia will keep its role on the international scene of hairstyling products thanks to the commitment of the next generation. Lina (his wife), Sonia, Anthony, Jeannette and Andrew Taverna (Arturo’s sons and daughters) who have already gained experience inside Artav and contributed widely to the success of the brand are ready to bring forward a tradition and a modern legacy.
Even during the pandemic period Artav’s commitment to the market never stopped.

They have been working on the rebranding of their popular ColourArt range, with new packaging exhibiting a vibrant and dynamic refresh for the range. In line with the Artav philosophy, they continue to improve their formulas to suit the changing consumer sentiment as well as ensuring that all products are made with the environment first in mind.
An upcoming launch in 2021 is there Professional Colour Creams with redesigned packaging boosting a clean, minimal, and sleek new style.

We can feel reassured that the legacy of Arturo Taverna will go on for a very long time to come!