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Focus on Growth & International Expansion at Philip Martin’s

Philip Martin’s is an established Italian company in the professional hairdressing sector. It is now also growing steadily in the Skin Care sector. Philip Martin’s has a large and solid distribution network in Italy and abroad. Now it’s time to increase the Skin Care Division abroad.

Estetica Export interviewed Mauro Trimigliozzi, Founder and CEO of the company.

Can you introduce your Company?

I founded Philip Martins in 2010, without a proper sales network. At that time, I didn’t have a great capacity for investment; starting a company from zero requires significant financial investments. Despite this, I have always believed in my dream. Since then, my drive to succeed, the so-called ‘hunger’, has never left me and has been the driving force behind my success.
At the beginning, there were only 3 people in the enterprise: myself, my current Hair Care Sales Director, and an administrative assistant. Today, we have 27 internal employees, we cover all of Italy with a well-developed distribution network, and we are present in 30 foreign countries.
I come from the hair care world. I worked as an agent for several important brands and in 2010 I decided to create my own project. A few years later, I developed the Skin Care division. My vision has always been very clear: to create a Unique System, making products that could stand out from the competitors but, above all, that would respect all the professionals who handle the products and those who choose to buy and use them in their daily lives. I have always emphasized the ‘Retail’ concept; creating dedicated retail spaces to help professionals sell more.
Travelling around and seeing my creations displayed in beauty centers and hair halons, as well as in the Casa Philip Martins concept stores, is an incredible feeling for me”.

Philip Martin’s
Mauro Trimigliozzi, Founder and CEO of Philip Martin’s

What inspired the name Philip Martins?

The name is dedicated to my first two children: Filippo and Martina. To my third child, Tommaso, I dedicated a product range and our Academy: Tommys Academy.
For me, Philip Martins embodies the concept of family, unity, and collaboration: holding hands and walking together to achieve important goals. Even the logo itself captures this exact meaning. It is a Mayan symbol where two hands intertwined, symbolize unity; the eye in the middle signifies foresight. The final circle represents the system that unites everything.
The Made of Italyclaim is not an error, as someone might think. I truly wanted to transfer the message that we are not just a company present in Italy, but we are a company Made of Italians: from our research and development laboratories, the 95% of ingredients in our products to the packaging”.

Why is your company successful?

The company has always been successful for many reasons. I have always tried to convey a precise message, targeting those who truly want and desire to work with a brand that, in addition to good products, offers the opportunity to stand out. And those who choose us experience this, feel it first hand, fall in love with it, and never leave. Success is the sum of many experiences and many fears overcome.
Very often, when I meet professionals, I hear them say, I’m afraid to propose a service/product to my client because they might listen to me and then say they’re not interested.To those who live with these uncertainties, I respond that there is no need to convince a client by telling or inventing stories. When a person is trained, prepared, and therefore knowledgeable, they should not be afraid to demonstrate or propose something. Knowledge is the key to success. If I am knowledgeable, I feel free; if I feel free, I have confidence; and if I have confidence, I can convey the message I want to deliver.
This is exactly what we are: we want our hairdressers and beauticians to embody the role of consultants, not just artisans”.

Philip Martin’s

Why is your company focused on developing the professional beauty centre market?

I decided to select Estetica Export for support in finding the right partners. Being visible and showcasing who we are is a great opportunity. Knowing how to evaluate and choose the right partners is equally important. Today, Philip Martins is experiencing significant growth, and we need support to increase our visibility and allow those who are not familiar with us to discover us”.

How is your sales network organized?

Philip Martins sales network in Italy consists mainly of distributors in various regions. In some of the larger and more important regions, where the market is truly vast, we have more than one distributor. In other countries, we operate directly with exclusive agents. We have a similar situation in the Export Areas: in some countries, we have distributors while, in other countries, we work with Sales Agent that cooperate directly with the Headquarter”.

What kind of distributor are you looking for?

We are looking for distributors with experience in the beauty industry, who speak the language of beauticians, who have an academy for make training and who know their market well. As I always say, it is the person who makes the difference, the product is the means through which we communicate. What we are researching, are partners who can become our arms & legs out there in the world”.

How important is export for you?

A lot. Unlike the Italian market, foreign markets are more open to new strategies and changes. They are not static. The foreign markets, especially in some countries, are experiencing strong growth. We have a lot to explore and conquer”.

How important are e-commerce and online activities for you?

“We have an official website, which is the Italian site. We decided to create an ethical website that does not compete with our partners. Product prices have been increased by 25% to 40% specifically to discourage online sales. We prefer to think that a customer buys because they trust the expertise of their beautician or hairdresser and that they receive all the necessary information to use the products properly and achieve the promised results. Online sales are ruthless. Every day we receive reports of unofficial sites selling some of our products, but this is normal: all brands have this issue. Internally, we are working to block all such sales. We have implemented a series of tools to help us limit this damage. For example, in other countries, if distributors want an online platform, we create the site for them, and they manage it. In this way, we can convey the essence of the brand in its entirety”.

Philip Martin’s

How do words like Sustainability, Gender Fluid, AI, and Vegan impact on your business vision?

We have always aimed to be eco-sustainable. Our packaging is made from recycled and recyclable plastics. We have products that are even biodegradable and water-soluble. We will soon introduce some products with glass packaging. We always strive to respect our planet. Regarding the vegan world, we do not have this certification. Many brands spend a lot of money on such certificates and, allow me to say, its all marketing. We have chosen not to follow this way of thinking. We prefer to invest this money in research and development. A customer should know that seeing the word “vegan” does not always mean they have purchased a quality product. To prove the good quality of Philip Martins products, we have chosen to print the INCI list on the back of the product with larger fonts, so that everyone can easily read, and verify the ingredient we use”.


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