Taiwanese hairdressers experienced an exciting show in Taipei which brought them the best of Italian expertise in the field of professional hair.

Framesi Taiwan celebrated a return to post-pandemic normality with an amazing show in the Howard Hotel in Taipei. The occasion was the launch of a special Asian edition of the latest treatment range from Framesi, called Morphosis. “We are proud of our stylists, partners, products, and story,” said spokesperson for Framesi Taiwan. “We are equally proud of the Made in Italy heritage which, in the space of one evening, breached the 10,000km distance separating Milan from Taipei.”

The liberating sense of positivity felt by the audience seem to cancel out the 3 years during which the Taiwan salon couldn’t work normally and even had to reduce their training programme to a bare minimum. Now everybody is eager to return to normal life and enjoy these inspiring events that the Framesi International Training Team can offer.
The onstage schedule included Asian Framesi International Masters Eugene Cheong & Jiro Okabe, Framesi International Ambassadors Gianni Loda & Max Mattina, as well as local technicians Connie Ko and Rick Ku.
An audience of 450 hairdressers attended the show and their special introduction to the Morphosis range.

Kelvin Chen, the importer and distributor of Framesi products in Taiwan underlined the important role of the Italian brand in bringing the Framesi approach to Taiwanese hair salons. It focuses on express care for beauty and health, as well as a commitment to sustainability.

In Taiwan, like in all the countries where Framesi is present, the brand represents the Italian passion for design and beauty applied to hair. The long experience they boast in the hair professional industry is a great guide and inspiration for hairdressers all over the world. Framesi supports hairdressers’ work with innovative products combined with outstanding training.

Mr Kelvin Chen, how would you compare the Taiwanese hair & beauty market to other countries in the area?

The Taiwanese hair market is indeed highly competitive and diverse compared to some neighbouring countries. However, it also faces strong competition from main players such as South Korea, Japan, and China. Each brings its own unique styles, products, services, cultural preferences and trends to the Taiwan market, contributing to a diverse and competitive regional landscape.

In Taiwan, we are fortunate to experience the influence of both local trends and international styles. Consumers in our market are discerning when it comes to hair products and services, and they prioritize quality, efficacy, and brand reputation. As a result, the salon industry in Taiwan is well-established, with a wide range of options available to cater to diverse customer needs. From independent hair salons to chain stores, skilled hairstylists and professionals are readily accessible to provide exceptional services.

Framesi’s products and fashion trends’ emphasis on research and quality strategies have helped the Taiwanese hair and beauty market gain recognition both domestically and globally. This is despite facing competition from other countries in the area and the impact of the epidemic. Regional adjustments through the Taiwan distributor have contributed to ongoing salon growth, ensuring a robust local presence of Framesi products and services, becoming Asia’s most advanced popular hairstyle information platform. The focus on innovation, addressing customer needs and maintaining a strong consumer focus has been instrumental in Framesi’s success and its position as Asia’s most advanced popular hairstyle information platform.

The market’s adaptability to changing trends and technological advancements contributes to its ongoing attractiveness to consumers. As the distributor of Framesi in Taiwan, innovation is indicative of its strong potential in the hair & beauty industry”.

A special guest at the event in Taipei was Framesi President, Fabio Franchina – we asked him for a comment on the brand’s development in the area and the Framesi’s approach to the post-pandemic scenario.

“I was particularly happy to take part in the Taiwan event because it was the first Framesi event in the Far East after the long pandemic period. Following this great success, other Framesi shows were scheduled in Hong Kong and Macao and a bigger one, with about 300 hairdressers attending, in Jakarta, Indonesia. It is an exciting moment for Framesi in that area of the world. We are aware that the Covid crisis has profoundly changed consumers’ relationship with beauty and has increased awareness of the quality and sustainability of hair and beauty products and services. That is why we are multiplying our efforts to support our hairdressers with all the education and training necessary to face this ever-changing market. It’s especially important as satisfying the requests of the more knowledgeable and sophisticated consumers is becoming more and more challenging.

Now the markets are driven by what we call ‘Smart Shoppers’, people that get a lot of information through the internet and analyse an offer before buying, they are very clear about what they want. In order to survive, brands and salons must adapt to this new situation and be ready to offer what the Smart Shoppers are looking for.”

How is Framesi distribution developing in the countries of the Far East?
“We are well distributed in that area of the world, even if we are lacking a few important markets like Japan and South Korea. On the other hand, we have very good distributors in countries like Taiwan and Indonesia. Even in Myanmar, we are doing pretty well, notwithstanding the overwhelming difficulties that we encounter in exporting to such a heavily regulated country”.