The 50-year milestone is an important achievement and Gidon Cosmetics is celebrating with a look back at its long and successful history. The Israeli company has dramatically developed and improved its market position by becoming one of the main distributors in Israel for some of the most prestigious global brands, while also even creating and exporting JUL, its own brand of professional hair products.

Maya Cohen Ben Shlush, Marketing Manager at G. Cosmetics has summarized the important steps along the way:


It all started when brothers-in-law, Gidon Cohen and Reuven Shaaban, decided to join forces and establish the company Gidon Cosmetics, which began as a repair and service workshop for hair dryers in hair salons. It then began importing and marketing hair care products.

Gidon Cosmetics
Gidon Cohen and Reuven Shaaban at the beginning of the journey in 1974


The first decade yielded many successes along with many challenges that the two were able to overcome. Some fundamental achievements included:
– Exclusive franchise for marketing the INDOLA brand to the professional market;
– Exclusive franchise for the marketing of the MALETTI brand – the Italian furniture and equipment company;
– Establishment of a Gidon Cosmetics training centre.

Gidon Cosmetics
Gidon at an Infashion show in Tel Aviv in 1994


In this decade the company managed to position the INDOLA brand as the leading brand in Israel. Everyone remembers the successful and award-winning jingle: “Indola, Your Hair is Wonderful.”

They also purchased the Gidon Cosmetics factory.

Gidon Cosmetics
Picture from a TV commercial 1994


The company started creating fashion trends and participating in television, radio and press commercials, as well as sponsoring events like beauty pageants.
At the end of the decade, it won the “Chosen Business” award launching the NG PRO brand, a professional product range for hair stylists.

In the same period, it became exclusive franchiser for prestigious international brands such as Takara Belmont, the leading Japanese company in furniture for beauty salons, spas and hairdressers and Mizutani Scissors, the leading Japanese scissor brand in the world.


During this decade Gidon and Reuven continued to develop, innovate and create.
Gidon Cosmetics developed an Israeli professional hair brand, called JUL, specialising in hair dyes, treatment and care.
The company started exporting Israeli brands around the world.
Later it launched the JUL brand into the professional market and opened new exclusive distribution for international brands such as OLAPLEX, MATRIX and FRAMAR.


Gidon Cosmetics entered the world of men’s care and grooming, launching the international Italian brand DEPOT. It also launched the MILKSHAKE brand, an Italian brand with an addictive scent.

Considering these long and successful 50 years in business, Gidon Cosmetics is proud to have grown in the years as a family business. It’s a company made of people who have completely dedicated themselves to the professional hair salon business by providing innovative services, advanced products and furniture. In other words, everything a hair stylist needs to create a perfect look for a client.

Maya Cohen Ben Shlush, expressing the feelings of the new generation, concludes:
“For our family, working with so many hair stylists over the years has been a special experience. Seeing the market change and meeting the challenges that life brings with it has been overwhelming at times. Being aware that our family made dreams come true for so many customers makes us feel even more proud. This year we will celebrate the success of our family business. We are the new generation. We have been here for many years alongside our parents and we learned from them and given them great joy by continuing along their path. We want their business and their good name to continue, for another 50 years, at least!”