The Russian market is now offering amazing business opportunities, especially to local and foreign brands who want to take advantage of the spaces left free by big multinational companies.

This shift in the market has seen the emergence of a new phenomenon – several top Russian women stylists who are enjoying serious numbers of followers on their social media platforms.
These are younger, well-educated women with 10 years or more in hairdressing. They have an attractive brand image and personal profile while offering avant-garde education and seasonal fashion collections. In some cases, they even have their own range of hair products.

Sergey Popov – Estetica Russia publisher – has contacted some of the most successful to try and better understand the secret behind their success.

Julia Vorontsova

Julia Vorontsova / Instagram

Julia is based in Moscow and she has been working as a hairstylist for about 22 years, also producing her own hair fashion collections. She regularly teaches masterclasses in Russia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Belarus, Ukraine, Iran, UAE, Turkey, Germany, USA.

“I started my career as a hairstylist after graduating from college,” says Julia. “In the first 10 years, I opened beauty salons of different levels. Later I created a team, and then I started focusing on promoting my image in Russia and internationally.

“As an international blonde expert, most of my time is taken up teaching the TOTAL BLONDE colouring course. But I am also quite busy with photoshoots for professional and consumer press titles.

“I think my success is down to my belief in my own strength and being able to develop my own original method of colouring, to build a team and surround myself with professionals.”

Asked about the Russian hair & beauty market she adds: “I believe in the hairdressers of Russia. They are very talented. They win prizes at all the international competitions in the UK, France and the USA. We are moving forward. We are developing our own schools in all areas of the hair industry.”

Julia is considered an INTERNATIONAL BLOND EXPERT “Blonde Expert №1 in Russia” according to Fashion TV Russia.
*Record holder of the GYNNESS RECORDS BOOK (USA). *Winner of Oneshot Hair Awards, nomination “Platinum Shot” (USA, Washington).
*Winner of Russian Hairdressing Awards, DIGITAL category “BEST LOOK”. (Russia, Moscow). *Winner of the Russian Hairdressing Championship (Russia, Moscow). *Winner of the talk show “BATTLE OF SALONS” (Russia, Krasnoyarsk).
*Owner of beauty salon ACADEMY JV MOSCOW (1000 sq.m.) and beauty salon COLOR & STYLE ACADEMY JV KRASNOYARSK (300 sq.m.).
Speaker at “BEAUTY TRAVEL” and Beautydayprohair Congress.

Tatyana Lisina

Tatyana Lisina / Instagram @lisina_tatyana_

Tatyana is based in Volgograd and teaches masterclasses in Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus and Turkey. She creates hair fashion collections and even has her own hair product brand.

How did you start your business?
“I started as a multi-skilled male hairdresser, then I worked for fifteen years in my own beauty salons. I opened 3 of them very successfully. Later on, I created a colouring method based on my experience in the salon and my interest in colour research continues to this day. In 2018, I also created an online academy.”

What is your business model?
“I believe in having fun while working – making the customers happy and ensuring the business is profitable. With the help of some consultants, I have created a professional team and improved my image. I like to develop new innovative formulas either for colouring, or for my own-brand masks and technical shampoos.”

What are the reasons for your success?
“I am always striving to be the best!”

What are your plans for the future?
“I want to create more niche products, with specific customization for the client. Furthermore, I have an idea for an unusual reality show on the internet. I am also focused on education and I’m working on some new courses (offline and online) – to train master hairdressers.”

International Class Teacher
International expert trainer in hair colouring
Developer of a unique hair colouring system “Mind Games”.
Accredited judge of Euro Cup National Beauty Awards.
Champion of Russia in hairdressing.
Head and founder of an online school with a staff of 40 tutors.
Speaker at “BEAUTY TRAVEL” and at Beautydayprohair Congress.

Alesya Teperikova

Alesya Teperikova / @teperikova_hair

Alesya Teperikova started out as a hair stylist about 10 years ago and now she runs her own online academy, writes books, and has even created a special bleaching technique. She is considered one of the most talented hair colourists in Russia.

She lives in Russia, works mostly in Vladivostok, and teaches masterclasses in Russia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, UAE, Turkey, Egypt, and Germany.

How did you start your career?
“After graduating in chemistry, I opened a beauty salon. Soon, I had gathered a good team of professionals and created an online academy that fast grew in popularity.”

Alesya, you have a strong personality; is that one of the factors behind your success?
“I am very stubborn and always achieve my goals!
Our success will not be confined to Russia and I believe we will soon make an impact in Europe, the USA and the UAE.”

Alesya is an International Master, expert colourist.
Author of the methodology: “EXIT FROM BLACK WITHOUT POWDER IN 1 DAY”.
Ideologist and director of the INSTITUTE of distance learning
ACADEMY ONLINE Alesia Teperikova.
Creator of the online school “PinCode rich colourist”, with 80 tutors.
Director of beauty salon “Teperikova”, Vladivostok.
Owner of a beauty salon franchise in Novosibirsk.
Organizer of the award “Colourist of the Year” – an online competition for hairdressers-colourists around the world.
Author of books:
“The World of Colouristry and 100 recipes for colour.”
“PinCode of a rich colourist.”
Speaker at “BEAUTY TRAVEL”. and “Beautydayprohair Congress.”

Angelica Grechkina

Angelica Grechkina / @angelicagrechkina

Angelica is based in Moscow and she has been working as a hairstylist and creating hair collections for about 10 years. She regularly teaches masterclasses in Russia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Belarus, Iran, UAE, and Turkey.

Tell us about how you started out on your career.
“Firstly, I studied to be a make-up artist, then got a master’s in up-dos. Later on, I changed direction and dedicated myself to creative haircuts. Sometime later I worked with a consultant to enhance my image. Then I developed my own methodology and I became popular in hairdressing both in Russia and abroad.”

Your schedule is very busy?
“Every year, I travel to about 26 cities, to teach masterclasses, especially about my method for women’s creative hair called “Hair Magic in Motion.
I also do photoshoots to create hair collections for the professional pres.”

What do you like the most about your job?
“I love making women beautiful. And, when they allow me, I love to completely change their image.”

How do you think the Russian market will evolve?
“I love my country. We are moving forward. We are developing our own schools in all areas of the hair industry. Our hairdressers are very creative and love to learn.”

Master of international class.
Hairstylist, teacher of author’s courses on creative haircuts.
Winner of TERMIX AWARDS, nomination “PRO. Hair Style ARTIST.
Speaker at “BEAUTY TRAVEL” and Beautydayprohair Congress.