Located near Bergamo in the north of Italy, Industrie Pagoda is specialized in private label manufacturing. Thanks to their wide range of formulations and packaging options they can service hair & beauty brands of different sizes and with differing requirements. Estetica Export has interviewed Vittoria Condemi, the company’s CEO.

Please introduce your company.
It was founded in 1980 by my father. We have been a third-party manufacturer since the producing mostly shampoos and bath salts. Later on, the company evolved and focused more and more on the production of technical products for professional use . We changed production site a couple of times until when, in 2011, we established our headquarters and production facilities in Albano Sant’Alessandro near Bergamo.
We achieved high standards of specialization in the production of bleaching powders and bleaching creams, which is now our core business. Along with bleaching products we manufacture all kind of hair care, styling and technical item to supply brands in the professional hair industrybecoming therefore a reliable partner.”

Industrie Pagoda
Vittoria Condemi, Industrie Pagoda CEO

Is your production all located on the same site?
Yes, we have two production facilities , one dedicated exclusively to the production of powders and the other one for productions like shampoo, masks, creams, so basically all liquid products. This division is important to avoid cross contamination and to fulfil the requirements of ISO 9001”.

How is your company organized?
Both production and offices are on the same site and this helps to have a fluid manufacturing process form the order till the ready product. Our sales team can in this way follow orders processing and new projects in cooperation with all other departments.
We also have an internal laboratory where my father still works daily, supported by other technicians who develop formulas and tailored made products according the market requirements.We offer also regulatory support to our customers for products registration in their countries, this is really appreciated and essential to guarantee a professional service.

Industrie Pagoda

How important is export for you?
“Very important, as it counts for about 70% of our turnover”. We have always been an export oriented company but in the last 10 years since I’ve been working here the importance of export has grown exponentially. This is a great satisfaction for me and my team”.

Where do you export?
“Our customers are located in most areas of the world – South and North America, Europe, Africa and the Middle East. Not so many in Asia so far but we are working to expand our presence also there. I am really proud because we can really say that there is a bit of Industrie Pagoda everywhere!”

What makes Industrie Pagoda special for clients?
They appreciate our approach to business. We are professional but at same time easygoing people who can understand quickly customer’s needs. We can manage both big and small production batches and customers appreciated our service and cooperation. Our aim is to manufacture the best product for their brands!
One of the company value is for sure the confidentiality, our partners are grateful for that!”

Are trade fairs important for your business?
Absolutely, as they’re one of the best way to meet new customers and keep relationships with older ones strong.
We attend most of the Cosmoprof events like Bologna, Miami, Las Vegas, as well as Beauty Istanbul. We are also evaluating a presence in other exhibitions as well”

Do you get requests for sustainable and green products?
“The demand is for sure increasing compared to a few years ago . It is a trend that we can fully satisfy with a selection of formulas environmental friendly and with some suitable packaging proposals”.

Do you have any new products coming up?
We are implementing our production facilities and investing a lot to offer new solutions to our customers. Our R&D is always developing new and more performant products … a few you can discover by visiting us in Cosmoprof Bologna !