An official report has backed up what most of us already knew: hair and barber salons are not in any way to blame for the rise in infections, so the question remains WHY, in so many countries have salons been forced to close during the 2nd lockdown when they are clearly not the root of the problem?

Following extensive discussions and debate between The Hair and Barber Council of the UK and the country’s BEIS (Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy) concerning the Covid infections rates relating to our industry, our industry has at last received a statement from the UK’s Scientific Group for Emergencies (SAGE) research stating the following:

“It has emerged that hairdressing and non-essential retail as SAGE research shows these services only contribute ‘up to 0.05’ to the ‘R’ (reproduction) rate!”. As the R rate is the number of people that one infected person will pass on a virus to, on average, this figure of 0.05 means that an absolutely minuscule number of infections are being pass on by salon workers.

The Hair and Barber Council has been lobbying to get these results released for weeks, and at last these rates categorically show that our industry and indeed all non-essential retail, is not responsible for the increase in Covid-19 infection rates throughout the UK! The Council has thanked for the positive and pro-active response they made to the many hygiene and health and safety measures that were put in place prior to re-opening on 4 July, and the ongoing professional way professionals within our industry have managed their businesses to ensure all customers and staff are protected.

”It has been difficult to obtain these figures but we have had extensive discussions to find out what effects our industry is having on transmission of infections,” comments CEO and Registrar, Keith Conniford. “We’re delighted to see that all the hard work by hair and barber salons to ensure their businesses are Covid safe has paid off and we will continue to fight for the industry to be properly supported in recognition of this.”

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