From October 28th – 31st, Crocus Expo was delighted to be able to host its face-to-face beauty, perfumery cosmetics and hair trade fair: the 27th International InterCHARM 2020 event.

Over 4 days, more than 20,000 representatives from the beauty industry were able to meet once again in Moscow. They concluded profitable deals, purchased equipment for business, discovered new brands, tested beauty innovations, discussed issues about the development of the cosmetics industry, presented their business projects, made new partnerships and gained professional knowledge. This would all have all seemed quite normal if it hadn’t happened in October 2020, in the middle of the second wave of Covid19, when almost all the fairs in the world had to close down.

The Moscow edition of InterCHARM, located in three halls of the exhibition pavilion at the Crocus Expo area, covered all the branches of the Beauty Industry: perfumery, cosmetics, cosmetology, equipment for beauty salons, products for professionals, nails, make-up, and hairdressing.

The Russian InterCHARM exhibition directly affects the development of the country’s economy focusing on the cosmetic industry. That’s why it received the status of “Official Event of the Moscow Region”, and particularly this year, it was an important occasion to bring together the best experts in the field and become a stimulus for the whole industry.

Of course, the exhibition is very important. Here we can find our potential clients, it is not for nothing that we have been exhibiting here for three years. We think we’ll come back next year,” says Ildar Bagautdinov, Director of Koras Trade.

“This year I have noticed that the number of visitors, for obvious reasons, was much smaller than usual, but the quality of the audience was significantly higher. Visitors were all very interested in dealing with the people they met. Everyone who came to this exhibition was here to work seriously. For us the exhibition was productive,” adds Sergei Mileshkin, commercial director of the innovative medical techologies company KitMed.

InterCharm Moscow presented a rich program of events: from cosmetologists to make-up artists, from marketers to business leaders. A wide and well-selected choice of congresses, seminars, workshops, and performances that brought together the most active and famous professionals and experts to represent a vivid picture of the Beauty Industry in Russia at the end of 2020.
The attention of organizers focused on making sure that all the health safety measures, required by the recommendations of Rospotrebnadzor, were properly put in place. Visitors had to wear masks all the time and everybody had to pass a thermal screening and use hand sanitizers. All the halls were regularly ventilated and most importantly the security team controlled social distancing and visitor numbers to avoid crowding.
Contactless business card exchange technology was made available along with additional measures to avoid time-wasting and to optimize the length of time meetings could last.

In this unfortunate year, the experience offered by InterCHARM Moscow has to be welcomed as a glimmer of hope for the future.