Intercosmetics Milano Boosts its Competitiveness through Acquisition

The acquisition of the hair colour specialist Silvio Mora has completed the portfolio of Intercosmetics Milano, making the company more competitive on international markets, as well as with its private label offering.
Here is a Q&A session we held with Stefano Dionisi, Intercosmetics Milano’s President.


Intercosmetics Milano’s acquisition of Silvio Mora has been official for some time now. What was the strategy behind it?
At a strategic level, the move to acquire Silvio Mora was to bring a long-established company which specialises in colour into the group. It’s a company which, over time, has grown in quality, technology and specialisation in the sector.
Our company, IEMME, had already reached an important point in the development of professional hair products; therefore, it was our firm intention to develop the colour category in the same way and with the same focus. We had the opportunity to take over Silvio Mora, a company with long and sound experience in the sector and superior expertise in researching and developing new hair colours formulas, as well as producing them.
Hair colour has been their core business for decades, reaching a high level of quality that is the envy of its competitors.
Silvio Moras range of colour products are not only in the form of cream, but also in gel and oil bases as well. They are formulations designed to solve all the problems that the hair professional might encounter. For years, as an entrepreneur, I have been wondering whether it would be better to implement our own R&D to create our own colours, but I thought it was more advantageous to go into a partnership.
We had Silvio Mora in our sights for quite some time, until the time came to finalise the sale”.

Stefano Dionisi, Intercosmetics Milano’s President


What will be the added value on your side?
“Our drive towards modernity. We want to give Silvio Mora the same chance of growth that we have given IEMME in the past 2 or 3 years, concentrating on marketing and commerce.
Thanks to our experience, our method, our people and our motivation, we feel very confident. Our regular team-building activities strengthen relationship as well as giving us the right motivation.
A good entrepreneur has to motivate everyone to work as a team, to give their best and to make a significant contribution.
My 31-year-old son has worked with me for 10 years and his input has been important to the development of our company. He has brought a breath of fresh air to it, while I represent balance, tranquillity, and reliability.

Federico Dionisi, Intercosmetics Milano’s CEO


We want to transfer these values into the new company as well, respecting the specific identities of each one. Silvio Mora will continue to carry on with its specialisation in colour, at the same time its clients have the chance to come into contact with other types of products through the link with IEMME”.

For some time now, IEMME has been working in the private label sector. Do you think that the arrival of Silvio Mora will boost this division?
I am convinced that our private label department will also benefit from the new partnership. There will be a further drive towards research, innovation, market trends, and marketing. We will be able to better satisfy the requests we receive from the private label field, with increasingly wider and diversified proposals at a technological and formulaic level”.


How are your sales organized internationally?
We already have a good structure in Italy and Silvio Mora has worked almost exclusively in our country. Over the last two or three years, we have also done well abroad, either with our brands or with private labels. Some important foreign companies, that in the past transferred production to low-cost countries such as China, have changed their minds and became our clients by appreciating our modus operandi, and re-evaluating the quality of Italian private labels and the fewer logistic hurdles that need to be dealt with.

Over the last few years, requests for private label service have no longer been about price, but quality. Foreign players are coming around to understanding the advantages of Italian production, particularly with colour products in oil and gel. The excellent quality offered by a contract manufacturer like Silvio Mora is undeniable, it is also true that we have to be flexible and offer a product with a quality-price ratio which meets market demands.
A successful strategy does not imply dropping down the price to the detriment of quality. The clients are increasingly attentive and informed, they know what they want and we must meet their needs.

IEMME is the first company in the professional sector to be certified as Vegan OK. Our priority is transparency and our effort has been appreciated by foreign markets. We have had excellent feedback in countries like France, where consumers are very attentive to the quality of the product and where the *Yuk-a website is very widely used (*an app that, scanning the barcode, can evaluate the quality of the cosmetic ingredients).
Recently, we have also started our export to the United States, opening a new distribution company”.

In recent years you have done excellent work with image and communication. How has it been received by clients?
Today, the life of a product is becoming shorter, because consumers are always looking for new ones. At the level of communication, we aim to give our three brands three different identities, so that each person can identify themselves with one of them. Our brand Raywell is the most universal and can suit consumers aged between 40 and 50 who want something sophisticated, as well as 20-year-olds who are looking for something to give them confidence.
On the other hand, Extremo is for a younger target audience, and Envie is a brand for the whole family, with particular attention to the functionality of the products, without overlooking their environmental qualities”.

What does it mean to be an entrepreneur today, in a world that is continuously evolving?
People often say, ‘you have to have a vision’. In other words, you need very clear direction, not only today but for at least five or even ten years into the future”.

Is everything changing quickly?
“Yes, and to keep up with the times, you have to pursue an objective, focus on excellence, and always raise the bar a little higher. Nothing is perfect, everything can be improved on. This is what I am trying to pass on to my son, and naturally to all our staff as well”.

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