We have interviewed one of the rising stars of the Chinese Cosmetics Business, Mr Hou Juncheng, Founder and Chairman of Proya Cosmetics; he has become China’s newest cosmetics and skincare billionaire with a worth of $1.2 billion, according to an article in Forbes Magazine.

Proya is one of the most successful companies in China and its enlightened leader has created a network of business relationships that enabled a large number of Chinese and International Brands to prosper in the Chinese Market. EsteticaExport.com asked Mr Hou his ideas about the difficult period the international markets are currently facing:

How Is your company facing the unsettling consequences of the Coronavirus outbreak?
“We took a series of actions to fight the spread of the epidemic – recognizing our social responsibilities as a business enterprise. At the time of the outbreak in China, we set up a 15 million CNY anti-epidemic fund, including 3 million in cash and 110 thousand N95 faces masks (CE standardised), worth 280k Euros, donated to Hubei Red Cross and Hubei Charity Federation. Our management transported the face masks to the most affected area in Hubei. A million donation was accepted by the Wenzhou Red Cross. We also donated 6 million protective materials to Hubei via our collaboration with the Zhong Nanshan Medical Foundation.

After the oversea outbreak, we provided more than 100k medical face masks for our partners, government parliament, hospitals, Chinese Chamber of Commerce and International Students Association in Italy, Spain, France, Korea, the United States, Australia and South-East Asia.
Proya always takes an outward-looking, compassionate approach, which is exactly why we helped many overseas associations and organisations apart from Hubei and Wenzhou, the seriously affected areas in China. We wanted to build up a community with a shared future for mankind and fight against the epidemic side-by-side.”

What kind of support are you expecting for your Company, from the likes of Public Institutions, Media Companies and Events Organisers at this moment of need?
We hope public organisations and the media can lead public opinion in a positive way, organise activities that convey positive emotion and energy.”

How do you think the international markets will change after this crisis? Will it ever be the same as before? Or will something change forever?
The outbreak will change the international markets in some way. Chinese people will pay more attention to the state of their health, health products will have huge capacity for growth.”

Beauty Fairs and other big exhibitions around the world are rescheduling. Some of them are looking at trying to digitally reorganise the exhibition model. Do you think this can become new habit in the near future?
“Online exhibitions won’t become a normality, as beauty fairs are, after all, a means to communicate among people, and also a chance for people to meet and present new products. Communication and interaction need to be carried out in a live atmosphere. Facing the outbreak, turning to digital is an adaptive way to deal with the current situation. The development of 5G technology will certainly give more space for a growth in online shopping.”

Main Picture: China Beautéville General Consultant, Proya Cosmetic Group President, Juncheng Hou