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A recent survey by CACI’s Voice of the Nation has analysed how men perceive sustainability in relation to the purchase of hair & beauty products.

We know that caring for the environment has been growing steadily, especially over the past few years. However, as with any trend, it doesn’t affect different cohorts in the same way. A recent survey by Caci analyses men’s concern for sustainability and has discovered some unexpected results.

It appears men’s way of dealing with sustainability is profoundly different from their female counterparts. While over half express good environmental intentions, a significant 20% declare that they do not know what they should do. As a result, men are lagging behind women by several years.

This could be a case of there being an eco-gender gap’, or maybe men are just lazier when confronted with new complicated choices? After all, we have to understand that the whole cosmetics culture is something quite new for them. Some men are just getting used to regularly using hair & beauty products, so all this might be a little too much too soon.

Probably there is something the male grooming industry can do to help men improve their credentials.
New 2024 data from CACI, published by Cosmetics Business, reveals that when making beauty and skin care purchases, sustainability is still more important to women (45%) than men (33%).
The same survey shows that price and product effectiveness are more important considerations when purchasing beauty products, nevertheless, sustainability is higher up on the list than factors such as recommendations and loyalty schemes.

What men consider when purchasing hair & beauty products:

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