This latest event under the Cosmoprof umbrella to go online will turn the spotlight on the excellence of the Italian cosmetics sector and its products, with the goal of communicating directly with the Kuwaiti public.

Thanks to the co-operation between a number of important institutions, the Italian cosmetics sector will be showcased in the context of relations between Italy and Kuwait. The Embassy of Italy in Kuwait and Cosmetica Italia – the National Association Of Cosmetic Companies – supported by BolognaFiere Cosmoprof, have created an unprecedented virtual event which, through digital tools, allows local influencers and social platforms users (via Instagram and YouTube) to participate by giving a voice to protagonists in the cosmetics sector. Italian Cosmetics Days in Kuwait is the name chosen for this event, which from December 19th – 23rd, will capture the attention of the Kuwaiti public to share the culture of Italian beauty that is so well known all over the world.

In Kuwait, Italian industry is already known for its creativity and product quality; in particular, Italian cosmetics companies are appreciated for their unrivaled ability in research and their attention to detail. Cosmetics produced in Italy are exported in every corner of the world: perfume and hair care products, as well as skincare and make-up, represent one of the most important contributions to Italian export revenues. Italy is the 3rd biggest European producer of perfumes, skincare and haircare; furthermore, Italy manufactures over 67% of all the make-up applied in Europe (55% of the world production of make-up).

“Cosmetics are one of the great achievements of excellence in our country,” comments the Italian Ambassador in Kuwait, Carlo Baldocci.Kuwait is a fast-expanding market, despite the present pandemic. People already know what the characteristics are of our industry, creativity, quality, safety and strong attention to R&D. I believe this is a great opportunity for the Italian Cosmetics Industry.” The synergy created by the Embassy, Cosmetica Italia and Cosmoprof means the organizers are willing to repeat the concept in the future, hopefully being able to meet people in person sometime in 2021.

Representing over 600 Italian cosmetics companies, the President of the National Association Cosmetica Italia, Renato Ancorotti, said that the whole Italian industry is glad to welcome this initiative by the Italian Kuwait Embassy, which represents a stimulus for Italian manufacturers and a much-needed boost to Italian exports.