After a year from his arrival at Revlon, Jordi Trilles, a Senior Executive with 25+ years of experience leading the beauty cosmetics industry, for B2B and B2C channels, has been appointed General Manager of Southern Europe for the professional business of Revlon®, thus expanding his area of ​​responsibility to the international arena.

This appointment comes a relatively short time after Jordi Trilles’ arrival at Revlon®, where he has achieved significant successes in record time. “It has been a year of great challenges where the excellent work of the entire team has allowed us to accelerate our growth to double digits and, most significantly, to be the benchmark in the market with initiatives such as the #PeluquerosEsenciales campaign and the development of #WowSalon. All this with the aim of elevating the consumer experience in the hairdressing salon and helping to grow the hairdresser’s business”, said Jordi Trilles.

Trilles joined Revlon in April 2021 after an extensive experience at L’Oréal, where he held senior positions and led cross-functional teams. With this appointment, Revlon® is committed to promoting the strategic axes that define the company’s leadership in the professional market.

Revlon Professional® kicked off 2022 with the launch of the ambitious communication campaign #PeluquerosEsenciales, articulated with powerful visual pieces. The brand promoted this campaign with the aim of paying tribute to all hairdressers who make an art of their profession and who create beauty experiences with passion.

“This campaign is our way of thanking all the hairdressers for fulfilling their beautiful mission of making people happy,” said Jordi Trilles.

A campaign, moreover, that was also born to motivate the consumer to visit the hairdresser to live a memorable beauty experience.