Skills and Values for International Brand Appeal


JUL Brand has been working intensely with some high-profile partners to enhance the quality of its products and services, making it a dynamic, modern and inspiring brand that attracts hairdressers from all over the world.


One of the most important relationships that JUL has developed over the past decade is the one with Yoav Arubas and Ronen Laizer, the owners of ‘cuts you up’ hair salon. Throughout this 9-year partnership with JUL, the quality of JUL’s professional products has experienced some significant creative enhancement, especially in its colour ranges, including for its latest hair collection, MODE.

“We created the MODE collection for JUL out of a desire to show off the design and fashion side of the company,” comment Yoav Arubas and Ronen Laizer. “We connected to what is happening in our salon, to the contemporary style in the world of fashion and simply worked on a number of looks”.


“The world of hair has returned to fashionable haircuts, which require cutting skills, and together with JUL PRO COLOR and JUL PRO TONE from the new JUL collection, we have created everyday looks that are also suitable for fashion shoots,” continue Yoav Arubas and Ronen Laizer.The materials and colours are also suitable for Israeli hair and we hope to keep growing together with the brand and take it into more regions of the world.


We believe that it will be a winning brand in the world, because of the wide and meticulous variety, the new technology and the tone-on-tone colours, which can also be used as an ammonia-free colour”.

There is still no news about it.

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