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Keeping Up the Supply of Hand Sanitisers in Australia

The hair and beauty brand, Artav, is taking advantage of its long experience in the manufacture of sanitisers to help its country in times of need.

Artav is no stranger to sanitation products. As well as being a successful hair and beauty company,it has been developing Hospital Grade sanitation products for home and business use for over 50 years now. This experience is now proving to be a handy asset as the company has recalibrated its business to focus on supplying these much-needed commodities to its Australian clients. “Hand sanitisers and face masks are selling out globally as consumers try to protect themselves from the spread of the virus,” explains Artav’s Director Andrew Taverna. “Other companies and distilleries that did not previously produce hand sanitiser have also pivoted to produce the in-demand product. It’s important to recognise sanitisers and disinfectants being sold meet strict Australian standards.”

To achieve this goal in the shorter possible time, the company has reduced production levels of some of its other hair and beauty lines so it can focus on its Dispel sanitising products. “From the moment we heard there was a need here we have moved production to supply locally,” Andrew Taverna added. “The factory has a reverse osmosis water filter plant with UV sterilisation that can produce about 25,000 litres of water per batch as a base for the products”.

Why is Dispel range different from others?
100% South Australian Made and Owned, Artav’s Dispel product range was originally developed to focus on the sanitation of hairdressing and beauty therapy equipment. Unlike other hygiene products, Dispel range not only provides antibacterial germ-killing action but also contains essential oils and active ingredients to protect the skin from drying and keep it moisturised.
The carefully formulated Dispel Hand & Body Sanitising Gel contains 70% Ethanol, it’s Cruelty Free, Vegan, dries quickly and leaves no sticky residue.
Following the company’s ethos of combining the benefits of nature with science, the alcohol is derived from natural sources such as wheat, sugar cane and sorghum, which translates to extra nourishment for the skin without compromising its effectiveness. The extra touch of Lavender and Tea Tree Oil help combat dehydrated hands and nourishes the skin.

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