Major hair product manufacturers in the United States are now stepping up with some ingenious initiatives to assist smaller salons and beauty businesses which may be struggling during these uncertain times.

The Covid-19 pandemic and the consequential lock-downs in the United States have inflicted considerable hardship on many small businesses, especially hair salons and barber shops nationwide. In response to this crisis, many major hair care product manufacturers have been unveiling their programs to help get local salons back on their feet and adapting to new public health guidelines.

April Anslinger, Aveda SVP and North America General Manager said, “We’ve watched small businesses take a major hit over the last several weeks, and that includes our thousands of independently owned salon partners across the United States which have closed their doors to protect their staff and their guests. Now, as a result of this, they face future financial uncertainty. They have done their part to protect their communities, and now we want to do our part to help them reopen as soon as they are able.”

The Aveda Cares program to help Aveda salons recover comprises six initiatives:
● A $1.5M+ fundraising effort in celebration of Hairstylist
Appreciation Day, which falls on April 30th
● Providing monetary contributions via Aveda’s loyalty program
● An increased online commission program
Extended terms for applicable salons
● 1000+ hours of free virtual education
● A weekly virtual owners forum

With these initiatives, Aveda hopes to offer tangible help to salons and stylists who have been making clients feel better about themselves and their hair.
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L’Oréal USA Professional Products Brands also announced the launch of the #SupportYourStylist campaign designed to provide collective support to the many salons struggling during these uncertain times.
On National Stylist Appreciation Day, April 30th, L’Oréal is issuing a call-to action for all customers and loyal clients make collective donations to the Professional Beauty Association (PBA) Covid-19 Relief Fund, which will in turn provide short-term aid for needs such as food and bills. L’Oréal USA Professional Brands and its employees have kicked off the fundraising efforts with their donations and have set a collective goal to raise a $2.5M monetary donation for the relief fund.

Since Friday, April 24th, all L’Oréal Professional Product Brands have posted a #SupportYourStylist graphic to their social channels to show support. Through this campaign, L’Oréal also intends to empower clients with many different ways of lending personalised support in addition to making a direct donation to the Pro Beauty Association COVID-19 Relief Fund Many include simple actions such as pre-booking an appointment, leaving a more generous tip, or writing an on-line review to boost visibility and traffic.

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