BOLD, L’Oréal’s venture capital fund, invests in Timeline, a Swiss longevity biotech company, to enhance the quality of our lives by developing new molecules that can recycle and rejuvenate ageing mitochondria.

‘Research & Development’ is the aspect of the hair & beauty industry that never really sleeps. Major companies are leading the way by investing in numerous new challenges with the objective of empowering cosmetics to enhance our future lives. Although these investments have a long-range focus and it might take many years to produce any results, it is always worth being experimental and trying out new solutions, as this is the only way we can progress.

L’Oréal has recently started a new cooperation to improve the longevity of body cells, obviously with particular attention to skin and the hair. Timeline, a Swiss longevity biotech company, has announced that L’Oréal’s strategic venture capital fund, BOLD, has acquired a minority stake in Timeline. The Swiss researcher company was founded in 2007 by Chris Rinsch (Co-Founder and President) and Patrick Aebischer (Co-Founder and Chairman) as a spin-off of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (EPFL) to develop innovative solutions for longevity in the food, beauty and health sectors.
Timeline has developed a proprietary molecule, Mitopure®, that recycles and rejuvenates ageing mitochondria, the powerhouses of cells. This breakthrough technology is backed by more than a decade of research by distinguished scientists, multiple gold-standard clinical studies, and an unparalleled intellectual property portfolio. The investment will enable Timeline to further develop its unique technology and expand operations while enabling future collaboration with L’Oréal.

Longevity is about living healthier for longer and LOréal has been working for more than a decade to understand and anticipate what this could mean for beauty,” said Barbara Lavernos, Deputy Chief Executive Officer and in charge of Research, Innovation and Technology, L’Oréal Groupe. Longevity adds a new dimension to beauty, focused on predicting, correcting and even reversing the ageing of our skin, scalp and hair. Our investment in Timeline is exciting for its potential to transpose key hallmarks of longevity onto skin health and beauty.”

“This strategic collaboration reflects the breakthrough multidimensional approach that we’ve always believed is necessary to make meaningful advancements for longevity and health span,” said Patrick Aebischer, Co-Founder and Chairman of Timeline. “I want to thank LOréal for its commitment to longevity solutions rooted in the highest level of science.”