Despite recent drawbacks, Meta is working with global companies to create real and profitable opportunities to use the Metaverse in numerous professions, including hairdressing!

In the last few weeks, we’ve read of the difficulties facing Mr Zuckerberg’s Meta as a consequence of a non-profitable first year of the Metaverse project. Thousands of workers are being fired in the USA and other countries, increasing concerns over the struggling global economy.

But all is not lost at Metaverse! In other news, we see that a number of large international companies will be working on new projects about have to take advantage of the Metaverse.

In particular, Vogue Business has reported that LOréal, Meta and French business school HEC Paris are launching a Metaverse startup accelerator in which at least five startups will be offered mentorship and access to experts and investors. The startups should specialize in 3D production, augmented reality, virtual reality, mixed reality, avatar creation, portability in user experience, token economy or any other topics related to the Metaverse and Web3.

Experts from L’Oréal, Meta and HEC, as well as entrepreneurs and investors, will select the startups in December 2022. The program will run from January to June 2023.

It brings a lot of young talents together. Theyre the future. Imagine the massive creative energy that it generates,” says L’Oréal chief digital and marketing officer Asmita Dubey. “The benefit for us is that we can use that creativity for our DMI [international marketing direction] and brands. So, of course, we will leverage that.”

Meta vice president for southern Europe, Laurent Solly, says: “We are proud to associate ourselves with LOréal thanks to this ambitious project, which aims to support the French startup ecosystem that will have a key role in the building of a shared, creative and inclusive Metaverse.”

Virtual hair look for the Metaverse

L’Oréal’s commitment to the Metaverse goes even further.

The pioneer hair & beauty brand L’Oréal Professionnel has announced that is entering the Metaverse creating virtual hair looks of some famous avatars in the gaming world.

This project has been created with the cooperation of Ready Player Me, a global leader in the creation of avatars for different popular apps, and the 3-D artist Evan Rochette. The first set of hair looks for avatars includes five different hairstyles to allow the gamer a more sophisticated personalization of their avatars in more than 4,000 different games and apps used worldwide.

L’Oréal Professionnel has expressed its intention to keep working in this direction by promoting close collaboration between hairstylists and Metaverse operators.

The goal is to lead the field in the virtual world by adopting and perfecting new technology. This is intended to become an important part of the creative process in hairdressing. At the same time, being once again pioneers might give some commercial advantage to the brand, as well as increasing its chance of success of the Metaverse.