The French edition of MCB by Beauté Selection Paris attracted an unexpectedly high number of visitors, confirming the need for live events now being strongly felt across our industry.

It has been a long wait for the most important beauty fair in France to tread the path to recovery and normality, as it opens its doors for exhibitors and visitors after almost two years.
92 exhibitors from 10 countries exhibited, not quite the figure of the pre-Covid edition in 2019, when more than 200 exhibitors took part, but still a great achievement – especially also factoring in the professionalism and level commitment showed by participants.
The number of visitors exceeded the most optimistic forecast and amazingly, they were not only happy to be part of this return to a kind of normality, but also determined to make the most of their time inside the MCB pavilions. That led to a high level of morale of all participants, who really cherished the opportunity to once more interact with people and colleagues from all over the world.

Among the exhibitors, the delegations from Italy and Brazil were the most represented. As regards the different beauty sectors present, these included: hair cosmetics, skin, furniture, tools, local distributors; magazines and digital media; insurance, associations, franchises, nails, and make-up, as well as a large number of digital applications covering salon management and professional online business online reservations services.

Are trade fairs as we know them likely to change?
Covid-19 has initiated and accelerated a process of transformation of trade fair in general, opening up the door to a brand new hybrid exhibition concept of how to do business. This combines the tradition on-site booth with other online services which can take place both before and after meeting in person at an actual venue.
Traditionally, MCB By Beauté Selection is highly anticipated by professional hairdressers as an opportunity to discover new ideas, new products and special deals for salons. These aspects of meeting face-to-face cannot be substituted by remote access; however, preparation for the fair and post-event follow-ups can be achieved highly successfully through the online tools and portals which are proving important in making contact so much easier across the world.