Private investment groups continue to show interest in acquiring a stake in Italian hair product companies.

Milano Capital (a private equity and strategic consulting firm led by Gabriele Bavagnoli and Gianluca Longhi), flanked by a club deal of high-profile private investors, has just announced the acquisition of a minority stake in the Landoll group, which manufactures and distributes premium haircare products under the Nashi and Nashi Argan brands.

Rumours about a possible deal on Landoll’s capital were already circulating as early as February 2019. Landoll is now controlled, through ABT Holding srl, by Fabrizio Ascoli and Paolo Bergami, with 46.5% each, and for the rest by Elisa Laura Ascoli and Maryna Khrapach, with 3.5% each. Mr Bavagnoli will sit on the board of directors.
Milano Capital involved high-profile investors in the transaction including Nicola Volpi, the Volta family, Giovanni Domenichini; Maurizio Bazzo; Daniela Bertagnin Benetton; Carlo Bertagnin Benetton; Luca Pretto Holding, among others.

Over the past 10 years, the Landoll Group has grown steadily – on average by 18% per year – manufacturing and distributing high-end hair products under the Nashi and Nashi Argan brands. They have created a network of over 7,000 hairdressers and 18 single-brand sales points in Italy and 40 other countries in Europe, Asia and Latin America. In 2021 the group had a turnover of around 26 million euros (+ 28% compared to 2020).

Mr Bergami, Managing Director of Landoll, said: “After a thorough selection, we are extremely satisfied in choosing Milano Capital as a partner to support us in the further acceleration of the ongoing strengthening of the brand. Thanks to Milano Capital and the other new investors, we are convinced that we can further step up our ambition both in Italy and in international markets”.

Mr Bavagnoli explained: “Haircare is a sector of great interest, at the intersection of cosmetics, health and lifestyle, and is growing all over the world. Italy has some of the world’s leading producers, mainly subcontractors, but very few global brands. Among these, Nashi Argan stands out as the one with the greatest potential, due to over a million online followers on social media, the coherence of its business model, the quality of its products and the consistency of its growth trajectory. Together with our co-investors, we are proud to contribute to the growth of the brand alongside the entrepreneurs who created and developed it”.

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