The Japanese hair and cosmetics giant KAO Corporation, which incorporates famous household brands such as Goldwell, KMS California and Oribe, is adapting to drastic changes in the business environment.

The Board of Directors of the KAO Corporation has announced new appointments at the top: as of January 1, 2021 Michitaka Sawada has been appointed as Director, Chair, and Yoshihiro Hasebe as Representative Director, President and CEO.

The two managers have already have long, illustrious careers within the company. Mr. Sawada, who joined KAO in 1981, was previously the Representative Director, President and CEO, while Mr. Hasebe, who joined in 1990, was previously the Representative Director, Senior Managing Executive Officer.

According to KAO Corporation, the changes will lead to “further drive in growth and increase corporate value under new leadership” amid “drastic changes in the business environment.” It appears like there will be further changes, as KAO has communicated that “After January 1st 2021, other executive appointments will be announced once the decision is made by The Company’s Board of Directors.

KAO Group at a Glance
Since 1887 KAO’s mission has been to enrich people’s lives
while always building strong and productive relationships with its consumers and customers. Prioritizing consumers by listening to customer feedback has been KAO’s focus from the beginning.
Starting in the 1930s, KAO offered new lifestyle suggestions after holding workshops to interact with customers.
And in the 1970s, KAO created organizations and procedures to maximize the ways in which customer feedback was used.

In later decades v expanded its business enterprise into beauty and health, launching many popular brands in the process. exporting in many areas of the world: Asia, America and Europe.

In present days KAO continues its business taking steps to reduce negative environmental impacts, so that we can enjoy a healthy lifestyle today and well into the future.