Specialising in sustainable hair & beauty products for professionals, Davines Group is celebrating 40 years in business. The steady growth of the Parma Group peaked in 2022, closing with a 20% increase in turnover and reaching €229 Million.

“In recent years, we have experienced deep-rooted organic and sustainable growth, going from €153 million in 2020, to €192 Million in 2021 and then reaching €229 Million last year. The forecast this year is for us to reach €250 Million,” comments Davide Bollati, President of the Davines Group, on FashionNetwork.com . “Our main market remains the United States, with a turnover forecast of over €90 Million by 2023. Then, Italy is in second place with around €50 Million. Out of total sales, our haircare brand, Davines, represents 80% with the [comfort zone] skincare brand at 20%”.

The company is active in about ninety countries, and still strengthening its presence abroad, opening new branches or expanding existing ones. Recently they opened new Paris offices in Pigalle and doubled the King’s Cross office in London.
A total of €10 Million was invested in upgrading offices, including the Parma headquarters with orchards and gardens.

The Davines Group, which today employs a total of 800 people, of which 380 in Parma, has another “wonderful and very demanding” project in store for the future, in collaboration with fellow countryman Chiesi Farmaceutici. They recently bought a splendid seven-storey building located in the heart of Parma and dating back to the Fascist period, where, by 2025, they intend to open a hotel that brings together the ‘worlds of Davines’ and [comfort zone]. Designed by Japanese architect Kengo Kuma, it will be an expression of urban, social, environmental and spiritual regeneration.

Davines is satisfied with the results of its skincare brand [comfort zone], present today in about 5,000 spas around the world, the Global GM of the brand, Arnaud Goullin, explains: “Over 11,000 beauticians use our products and we want to make their work visible even outside the cabin and make innovative services and tools available to them. Italy is our first market, followed by the United States and the Netherlands, but we are also expanding to France, where there is a lot of interest in our products. Today luxury is moving more and more towards a professional, responsible and sustainable experience and this helps us because we are at the forefront in this regard”.