by Gary Kelly

Fresha, the world’s leading marketplace and booking software for the beauty and wellness industry, has announced its new partnership with one of London’s oldest barbershops, Pall Mall Barbers.

Pall Mall Barbers‘ founder is Richard Marshall. It has eight locations in London and a flagship at Rockefeller Centre on Fifth Avenue in New York City. This collaboration with Fresha will help them integrate a seamless, tech-based experience into their innovation-driven services, bolstered by a storied barbering history that dates back 127 years.
Pall Mall Barbers’ integration of Fresha will provide an all-in-one platform for seamless online appointment booking and management. It will also see secure card payment processing and customer relationship management. The easy-to-use interface and integrated marketing, staffing, inventory, and accounting automation will help ensure Pall Mall Barbers keeps innovating and expanding.


Richard Marshall

“We’re passionate about lifting up storied businesses like this. Therefore, bringing them on as a Fresha partner is a big win for us,” says Tim Frankcom, Fresha’s Chief Commercial Officer. “With their history and excellent reputation, we know they’ll find even more success with the added capabilities Fresha offers.”

“When I pieced together the history of the barbershop, it was a really exciting discovery. It made my ambitions to build a brand start to come to life,” says Richard. “And now, working with Fresha will help cement Pall Mall Barbers as a barbering destination. It will make it easy for all our clients to come to our shops and experience our heritage and expertise.”
Now, it is a multi-award-winning, global barbershop that puts the customer experience first and delivers best-in-class results. Their success is driven by Richard’s entrepreneurial spirit, building the business from the ground up with no investment, as well as his decades of experience in barbering, along with his team’s knowledge of styling techniques and traditions.
You can find Pall Mall Barbers on the Fresha marketplace. Alternatively, you can also download the Fresha app on the App Store or Google Play.


Pall Mall Barbers at Rockefeller Centre on Fifth Avenue in New York City
Established in 1896 and renamed in 2005, Pall Mall Barbers has grown to include nine shops over its 18 years. The team prides itself on offering the best barbering service, using global grooming techniques and staying ahead of trends. Founder Richard Marshall’s approach and leadership have led it to become the largest independent barbering business in London, with 64 chairs across their locations and 23 award-winning products. For more information, visit and also follow on Facebook and Instagram.


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