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A Mission to Reveal Beauty & Enhance Sustainability


The Patrice Mulato brand is committed to revealing beauty through products that are healthy, professionally proven to be effective, contain purely natural ingredients, as well as being environmentally friendly and safe to use.

In today’s hair & beauty market, brands are in search of an identity that satisfies their clientele while fulfilling their own principle and goals.

An outstanding example of clear view and determined action is the French company, Patrice Mulato, which expresses some clear and convincing ideas: “We believe in a new beauty which is natural, French, healthy and uninhibited, while respecting everyone. Our role is to reveal this beauty, through products that are healthy, professionally proven to be effective, containing pure ingredients directly taken from nature, as well as environmentally friendly and safe to use.

“We are here to support women, men, our partner stylists and all their clients in helping them feel proud of who they are, in line with their values and beliefs”.

Patrice Mulato

This is a challenging and intriguing commitment which is based on four main criteria:

1 – Natural Beauty

Nature is at the very essence of the brand. With an average of 97% naturally derived ingredients, they draw the best natural active ingredients from nature to create formulations that respect the hair, the stylists’ hands, and the planet. Patrice Mulato products are guaranteed free from parabens, silicone, ammonia, resorcinol, hydrogen peroxide, and PEG.

2 – Fair Beauty

With its special long-standing relationship with the ADAPEI du Rhône, most of Patrice Mulato’s products are packaged in an ESAT, an association aimed at the social and professional integration of disabled adults.

3 – Environmentally Friendly Beauty

Patrice Mulato’s plastic bottles are made from 100% recycled materials and are 100% recyclable. Day after day, the company’s teams are committed to eco-design: no outer packaging, sourcing recyclable raw materials, limiting paper use and then only on recycled paper, sorting waste at the company’s headquarters.

4 – Beauty that is Professionally Proven to be Effective

After having been developed, tested, and approved by their hair care partner laboratories, all products are tested and approved by professional stylists in their salons. They are also subjected to repeated use tests with private consumers to validate the effectiveness of their formulas.

Patrice Mulato

The flagship range of Patrice Mulato Repigmentants” is the ideal compromise for clients who want to follow trends and opt for natural highlights lasting 4 weeks.

This pigment range responds to the new expectations of consumers who want enhanced colour with a committed offer.

The Patrice Mulato « Repigmentant » service promises:
98% natural origin ingredients in the pigment cream.
0% ammonia, hydrogen peroxide, resorcinol, paraben and silicone. Made in France

The brand supports hair professionals with a wide range of products: Pigments, Natural Colouring, Treatment Range, and Origine Keratin, a deep reconstruction ritual.

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