Benvenuti. è il portale per i professionisti del beauty-business.

Sia che si tratti di prodotti e attrezzature per capelli, piuttosto che di catene di saloni, accademie o format di education, l'attività di esportazione è il naturale percorso per il consolidamento e lo sviluppo di ogni impresa.

EsteticaNetwork - leader mondiale nel settore Hair Professional - mette a disposizione la sua divisione EsteticaExport per supportare le strategie delle imprese italiane sui mercati internazionali.

La reputazione, l'autorevolezza del team di EsteticaNetwork, danno caratteristiche di unicità ai servizi offerti da EsteticaExport.

Il portale è l'hub di incontro messo a disposizione dei brand, dei distributori e delle fiere di tutto il mondo. A specifico supporto delle aziende italiane, Estetica pubblica periodicamente lo Speciale Best in Italy, indirizzato a 12.000 operatori e distributori del settore.

Estetica Best in Italy si pone come ambassador delle più qualificate imprese italiane del settore e come facilitator nello sviluppo dell’export

About us...

70+ years in beauty markets.

Founded in Italy in 1946, Estetica was the first beauty magazine aimed at both hairdressers and their clients, and it quickly became the most respected Italian magazine in the field. Since the 1977 launch of the first international Italian/English edition, Estetica has continued to grow rapidly all over the world, offering its readers constant fashion news and updates, reports and interviews to become the unquestionable industry leader that it is today, with an editorial network comprising 22 editions distributed in 60 countries, with hundreds of editorial professionals engaged all over the world and thousands of constantly active business relationships.


This Website

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This new portal is part of an internationalization project developed by EsteticaNetwork and was born of the need to create a new way of doing business in the beauty sector.

We are indeed convinced that the market needed a new model of contact for all leading companies around the globe. This model had to provide a strong, immediate, continuous, innovative and independent contact. Our presence worldwide as a B2Btrade media is founded on over 70 years of business relations and knowledge of the hair products sector. For this reason we have chosen to consider the value of the information as the core of the project: to learn more about the markets, receive news, useful information, updated statistics, dedicated consultancy, always in line with the times within a constantly evolving sector.

Starting with the experience of the paper yearbooks of "BEST IN ..." published over recent years and dedicated to buyers and distributors around the world, we conceived of EsteticaExport as an important publishing and cultural project, which in its digital version could become a valuable new work tool for the best players in this industrial sector.


The best manufacturing companies are committed to this project. Discover the full catalog.


All the most important exhibitions worldwide are fully indexed on our website.


Every day we collect information on the best contract manufacturing services on the market.

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What awaits you on is indeed a large community that continues to grow and develop, where you will find the best companies in the beauty world, major distributors, details on global fairs, new and important business and contact opportunities.

Up-to-date content, features and interaction tools between professionals will be added to optimise the portal on a daily basis. A periodic newsletter will keep you constantly informed about updates and you will be able to consult data 24/7. In this way you won’t miss anything about new products, producers, fairs and events , and key people to contact. Finally, a great opportunity for all players in the beauty industry - manufacturers, international buyers, professional media, international fairs - to benefit from a real network of growth and development for global business and a virtual meeting point for producers and distributors all over the world. This innovative and ambitious project will provide the world's first independent digital beauty-business platform.

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